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Donate yes or no?

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Author: #18

Interpreter: #88 Dorck1

One of the most important themes of the players after the war is gold. The first can be solved without our participation but the second cant appear itself. Where can we take it? To collect a great amount of gold takes a lot of time, while being on the third CL people want to have early up, an exquisite house, a chest with a rare set and the thief invitation and at the time the event is coming.

But who knows about the consequences after sending the money to the game. The huge donate may be a cause of troubles in your real life. But still, can we make our characters better without it?

With these questions Ive gone through the Empires lands to know about the opinion of the players.

of those surveyed, 35% players dont donate because of:

  • Players can earn gold themselves;
  • The character can be hacked and all resources can be stolen;
  • The game has been created for the rest and pleasure, but not for the spending money.

of those surveyed, 65% players resort to the help of donate because of:

Gold is quickly spent;

You cant get enough money in LG

The thief invitation is rather cheaper through donate, plus you can buy early up and potions;

The desire to help the project;

The exiting promotions with the artifacts;

To change the sex;

To change the nickname;

To buy a new UCIs;

The mount with antithief and sometimes for the Abu-Bakir's Charm;

Clans needs (Depository).

There are many reasons of donation and certainly people can develop their character faster with it, but we can spend money usefully: either 3 diamonds on the potion, or 1500 on new UCIs. The difference is big, but the result is also tangible.

Everyone has his own reasons of donation. But on the question: Is it a pity to spend money on the game? - most players have answered no.

Its a drop in the ocean.

#104 High Skill [17]

The most controversial and interesting answers were to the question about the opportunity to be a cool player and live happily for a long time without donation. Everyone has his own mind and there are people who achieve all themselves and there are people who become cooler only with help of donation. But during events some people have to sit in the jungle without gold waiting for news about next events. There they can spend their collected gold on one or two sets just to fight with these miserable mobs. We can talk a lot, but lets read some comments:

#8026 Nikita1997 [10] : Its possible if you have brains, time and persistence. )

#2336 Ivan Great [10] : Its impossible for me (otherwise I have to play for the one faction or enter codes all the time practically without combats and then the game loses its attraction).

#933 Galitka [16] : Of course! For example, my husband: #933 _ [17] !

#41 [19] : Here you can live for a long time without good characteristics. It is one of the games where players can play without charges, i.e. with help of codes, but such a game is not created for happiness.

#3137 YGX [10] : I think, no. Anyway if you want to be cooler than others players you have to donate .

#104 High Skill [17] : It depends on your aims. The characteristics of characters are different.

[9] : People can deal with it. It takes more time but I dont hurry.

#2902 FRANCE16 [17] : I think, yes. But it depends on in what way people want to show themselves.

#17 FaustVIIl [14] : Of course, but you should abandon several pleasures such as events and PVP without limitations But you can up your gold balance if you will enter actively codes and sell elements from MG.

#823 [20] : Yes, but there are two dubious and simultaneous changes in the game which are contradictory for the game and its difficult to speak about their influence an increase of skill points in the chests and pampering for overskill players.

#823 [19] : You can survive without buying diamonds. MG, artefacts trade But the events are expensive now. If you want to play you have to pay.

Anyway the donation is the final point of the answering on the question. Its only your decision about purposes of donation: to donate for rare artefact or become richer by 2,500, or be a fierce opponent of donators and live with honestly earned gold. Are there some differences between donators and "Mere mortals" or there is a fine line between them? The interviewees added their comments on this theme: :

#1512 55 [21] : The balance between donators and common players is saved, its not necessary to break it. Good luck!

#933 Galitka [16] : Every work must be paid. If I like it than people, who work at this project, have made their best and I can estimate it. I dont spend diamonds I buy only trifles (potion of skill) and never exchanged them for gold. You can be successful in the game without donation. And I dont need UCI now. I may buy it if I play more. I donate just to pay for the enjoyment of playing it.

#2902 FRANCE16 [17] : Ive just got a normal pleasure from normal playing. Even without money.

#1519 bes1976 [20] : The donation only pampers unskilled players.

#2213 GOLDis [8] : There is a good balance in the game, but the buildings for the donation make some kind of misbalance. Its not convenient for me.

#1254 MORFI1990 [13] : I want fair fights with equal conditions but it isnt to happen.

#104 High Skill [17] : Everyone donates as much as he can afford himself. Its no use to condemn anybody and look into someone elses purse.

#41 [19] : I wish there were the points of CG in the chests. It will be more interesting. The donations are in every game, but in the games which Ive already played or I am playing at this moment the donation are lost. The theme of the donation is expressed better here. You can buy something fundamental that helps you during your playing. Thats why HWM gets a plus from me!

A small part of our games audience was interviewed, but we can see that there are not only donators. So many men, so many minds, the answers on the questions were different, but all players have the same opinion that: the donation has no effect on the real life! !

Finally, there is an advice from one of the respondents:

You shouldnt follow the rule pay for the win. It will spoil the game. For example, chests when such a strange situation can be legal: the larger bribe you will give the better changes in the rules of the game you get in your favor. E.g. new types of the movements of a chess piece appear. It makes your win more possible.

#823 [20]

More chests and good game!

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