Разбег, увеличивающий шанс срабатывания умения «Удар лапой», учитывается при всех ударах Хозяев медведей, если они используют руну берсеркерства и боевой ярости.

Holy Magic Buffs

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As character's combat level increases, some factions get an opportunity to play as a buffer. A ”proper” buffer becomes available from levels 12-13.

The concept of being a buffer is quite simple: you have to support your allies with ”Holy spells” (buffs) increasing their combat strength and effectiveness. (In some cases you can buff your own army). To become a good buffer, 3 levels of mage's guild are required, as well as, you will have to choose appropriate talents and ammunition.

1) In order to build Mage's Guild 1-3 you will have to spend around 80k gold. As you can clearly see, it is quite expensive, so, first of all, you should consider whether you want to try to play a new role on 12th level or invest the money elsewhere. On the other hand, on 13th combat level castles have nothing to build/upgrade, so you can spend some money from leveling up on Mage's Guild.

2) The second step is to choose perks (talents). The first choice is, of course, Expert Holy Magic followed by Dominion of Renunciation, Dominion of Wrath and Dominion of Bless. For each faction, each talent has a different cost, hence different level requirements for all the talents.


Total talent cost (points)

Combat Level

Alternative power




+40-50% (att and def)




+50% (att and def)

Holy Knights



+35% def




+30%+ ”Spare rune”




+25% def

*An alternative choice of talents for warriors of the same faction is presented in the table above, so we can observe how much stronger a warrior is, compared to a buffer of the same combat level and facction. For example knights: 50% (attack+defense), means that a knight-warrior will deal 30% more damage and recieve 20% less damage than a knight-buffer.

3) Now we have to spend our ”primary parameter points” and choose appropriate ammunition:

First of all, I have to point out that buffers can be split into two groups:

    Supports- those who buff their allies for the win

    Egoists- buffing their own army.

For supports an appropriate value for knowledge and spell power would be 10+ since high level enemies will kill them fast and the spells should stay on their allies for as long as possible.

For egoists 5 points in spell power and knowledge will be enough (+-1, everyone decides for him/herself accoring to the tactic used), since they will be able to renew the spell later on. Also if an ”egoist-buffer” was to put more points in spell power and knowledge he, then will have to remove those points from attack /defense, which will weaken the army. It will be mostly displayed in 1 v 1 fights.

Now, let's take a look at the primary parameters: 10 points spent on SP and knowledge your enemy of the same faction could've put into attack and defense (assume 5 each), which would give +25% to damage dealt and -25% of damage recieved. The best ammunition for egoists would be the same as warrior's, so SP and knowledge is gained from primary parameters granted for levelling up. (you can always use potion of oblivion to relocate those points)

To summarize: Depending on the race, a warrior, who chose to increase his/her damage and damage reduction will deal 25-55% more damage, and recieve 45-65% less damage in 1 v 1 fight against a buffer (before the buffer uses sells on himself). The main question is, can ”Holy magic even it out?”

Let's take a closer look at the spells:

Rapid 4 (Level 1)

Increases an allied stack's Initiative, making its turns come faster. With Expert Holy Magic gives an increase of 40%.

One of the alternative talents to Holy Magic are Leadrership talents, granting +3 morale, allowing warriors 4 or even 5 points in morale. Morale of 5 would cause a stack to ”burst for more action” 2 times out of 4. This gives an opportunity to a warrior's stack to have a turn (1 or 2 out of 4 times) before buffer's stack. (if the initial position and initiative is about the same). More frequently seen morale stat value is 4, which will give an opportunity in 2 cases out of 7 for a warrior's stack to have a turn before buffer's.

To summarise: Buffer's army with a single, mass Rapid spell cast on it will be faster even than warrior's with Leadership perks.

Bless 4 (Level 1)

The spell fills an allied stack with holy power, increasing the creatures’ minimal damage.
The minimal damage rises up to min+T*(max-min), while T depends on the Holy magic talent level. This is mostly effective on stacks with a huge min-max damage difference, otherwise it is better to use Chastise..

Stoneskin 6 (Level 2)

Increases Defense of target allied stack. With Expert Holy Magic decreases damage by 60%.

Dispersion 10 (Level 2)

Reduces the duration of spell effects (positive and negative) on the target (down to reducing them to instant expiration in case of sufficient spell effect). The weaker the disperser is, the less probable it is to successfully disperse an effect created by a powerful caster. (The only Holy spell that depends on Spell Power.) The effect is calculated as:
E=Base efficiency-([Caster SP]-[Disperser SP])*3%
where SP is the Lord's Spell power or creature tier.
In case of creatures, the tier is 1-7 for normal creatures, 2-8 for upgraded ones.

Evasion 6 (Level 3)

Calls to target stack's avenging instincts, increasing its Attack. According to my calculations with Expert Holy Magic gives +60% damage.

Luck of +5 will grant double damage every second turn during the first 4 turns. Also extra +5 as primary parameters in attack will grant extra 25% damage dealt (buffer has spent these ones on Spell Power), basic offense will grant another extra 10% (assuming after 3 luck perks warrior chose Basic Offense). This results in 135% damage on a normal strike and 270% damage with luck. So in first 4 turns a warrior will deal 810% damage against 600% from buffer (160% from Chastise and 10% damage reduction from basic Defense)

Luck of +4 grants double damage 2-3 turns out of 7 (which is 1215-1350% against 1050%).

Luck of +3 grants double damage 1 turn out of 4 (which is 540% against 450%).

To summarise: Warrior that chose talents connected with phhysical damage (damage reduction, damage increase in their talent wheel) won't have any problems dealing with a buffer. Talents and primary perks, set to damage and damage reduction leave no chances to buffers. At least it seems so... Now let's consider a fight situation:

Opponent has a whole turn before buffer casts his spells. Then in one turn buffer casts 2 mass buffs where his army is located. Once all spells are cast a buffer becomes stronger than a warrior with morale and basic offense-defense talents. They are about the same speedwise but buffer becomes stronger in 1 v 1 due to the Stoneskin and Chastise.

Against a warrior with Luck perks and basic offense-defense, a buffer is faster, so he can win a clush of armies simply because of that. If a warrior has only +3 luck then a buffer has a chance even in open fight, since even if luck befalls enemy stacks the damage is not vital.

Warriors that choose Expert offence and defense are the worst enemies. Buffers are quite weak against them, so speed decides everything.

Playing as a buffer is hard but very interesting. You don't have one strategy against everyone, like many sub-classes do. You can't run in with a ”damage-everyone-around” stack and kill everything that stands near simply because of luck befall. You have to keep in mind many details, think about what you are doing and change your strategy often. Playing as a buffer means constantly countering your enemy's moves and farsee what they are about to do. You have to constantly look for and get rid of weaknesses in your army. And last but not least, a buffer is always a help in team fights, as buffer can win a duel and then help his teammates with a Holy Magic spell, changing the battle outcome. Moreover, usually buffers have the largest impact on the outcome of a battle.

As a character develops, some factions get an opportunity to play as buffers. If you want to learn how to win, no matter what the odds are, buffer is what you are looking for!


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