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How it all began

I was waiting for the event for a very long time. You cant improve your anti-faction skills without spending a lot of money on 13th CL. But your money wants to be spent. I wanted some changes in the game. Our community had been waiting for news for more than one month and we got Village Defence.

Were there people who were glad of this news? With the success we can say that, yes. But soon there were those who were not so pleased. Some players said that it was trivially (We have a visualized quest!), but for others the problem was in dynamic balancing.

For me the appearance of a new event wasnt so pleasant. I was waiting for the portal or the same event when you can use not your main faction. On the other hand I finally found the reason of buying early upgrade of unicorns.

Golden question

One of the problems which appear with starting a new event is greed. In this article I would like to show you and prove that if the process doesnt pay off fully you can return more than half of spent resources.

  1. A standard set of artifacts for 13th CL was purchased (important: gift artifacts were not used practically). Final sum was 94,951 (1,451\per combat). There were 60 combats with this set and spent 87,290.

  2. The news about the New Year action appeared at the end of the event. It wasnt useless, I started to use rings from clans depository at a cost of 50. It reduced the costs by 3,000 (1,101\per combat + 1,200 rental of rings). Total for the last 12 combats was spent 14,418.

  3. The final sum of costs was 101,709. Its difficult to say whether this amount is acceptable for each player. On 13th CL I have 5th LG and I can accumulate this amount for 312 hours of working (taking into account the fact that our average wage will be 180). We dont consider other guilds and drop from them.

What kind of income can be obtained from the event? Two artifacts were promised in the official news, and also there was a mentioning about some kind of prize after the event. People on the forum said that they finished going to the event after 10 and 40 combats to get artifacts and recoup this undeveloped event. For myself, I decided firmly: despite the lack of time, I will finish the attempts at night. Was I disappointed with the result? On the contrary:

  1. Book of knowledge was sold for 3,600 ( -500 from the current price on the market)

  2. Runestone was sold for 20,000 ( +6,500 to the current price on the market)

  3. At the end of the event Dragon stone was given. I sold it for 35,000 ( -4,500 from the current price on the market).

  4. I also got 39,200 as a prize for combats. Taking into account my statistics 56/72 Ive got 700 coins per combat.

  5. Total: 97,800.

Moreover, there were also artifacts with 10/10 durability. Their usefulness was appraised with help of economic statistics and the market (in cases when the price of artifacts from chests of abundance is more profitable than the store one):

Galoshes of battle Galoshes of battle299
Penumbral ring Penumbral ring1,711
Shortbow Shortbow175
Light mithril boots Light mithril boots1,328
Locket of crystallized tears Locket of crystallized tears1,296
Mithril mail armour Mithril mail armour632
Mithril staff Mithril staff1,777
Cape of spirits Cape of spirits407
Cape of magical power Cape of magical power1,362
Steel helmet Steel helmet536

Totals I got 9,523 of dirty gold. It means that these artifacts dont claim to be in the set. You can use them in combats with not your main faction or use for min Ap. Of course guys from the forum began a debate about injustice (is it possible that Im a wizard/barbarian and I get magic/warriors artifacts).

Thus, in the amount I spent 101,709 and received 97,800(+9,523). I believe that this event was profitable for my purse.


We also could get creature armaments (5-6 per day, total 32 pieces). I cant say that all of them are in-demand but some of them are useful (+1% of initiative for Sharpshooters, +1 attack for Pristine Unicorns and +1 attack for Savage Treant). +2 attacks for Goblin archers can also be useful.

As for experience and skill points, everything is great here. In every victorious combat I got 4,376 points of experience and 3.33 skill points. When I lost the numbers changed a little. Ive seen such correlations of experience to skill points: 4,376\1.63; 3,550\1.33; 3,275\1.22; 2,600\0.97.

Totals for 72 combats I got 310,279 experience and 210.97 skill points (1,471.98\1 in average per battle).

Its likely that somebody was lucky to get an artifact having the 3rd lvl of CG, but I didnt reach such progress.


I think that the event wasnt so bad. Its mark is 4. The most important criteria (payback and exp\skill points) were on top. Nevertheless, dynamic balancing and the established percentage of victories cause unpleasant feelings for any optimist.

When defensive builds became popular bots took it. In theory we can say that every "tin can" was created to be opened. But in practice we see wizards/dwarfs/tribal defenders with the great amount of units. Or I met with Darkness demon with the next troops: 47 Searing horses, 53 Temptresses, 450 Outriders 1,008 Swashbucklers plus 22 Mobile ballista. People became sad when they had to see it. There were suggestions to add the button surrender and I fully agree with them.

We should also pay special attention to our teammates farmers who put themselves under attack of far-reaching units. The patience of many people exploded because of AI, which put farmers under attack of Shrews/birds/Tengu

Tengu is a noteworthy unit. Imagine it can deal x4 damage when it retaliates. I want to see this unit as much as possible; every event will be funnier with it.

From all of the above, we can draw certain conclusions, identify positive and negative aspects:

  • A very generous ratio of experience to skill points

  • Self-recoupment of the event

  • Not very intense combats

  • A new format of combats that can be added to the WG

  • A couple of new artifacts that will revive the market and combats

  • Notorious 75% of win rate doesnt give a sense of victory or progress. It looks like you are being driven in the corridor by sticks in order to find the keys to the next door where you have to find the keys to the next door

  • I would like to have two additional days to finish the attempts. One day isnt enough for many people (judging by the responses from the forum)

  • They can add a process of exchanging creature armaments. I think many of you are familiar with the system in which you can use three unnecessary things to get a thing that you need. They can do this feature valuable and make it exclusive for a specific set of game events. But it is for Ideas and suggestions

It is unlikely that this event will be re-launched. We cant say that we want to replay it, especially having a limit of victories. In this regard, we can expect something new. And there is not far off new artifacts and gold :0.

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