Игнорирование защиты в 20% от умения «Усиленная стрела» срабатывает каждый раз, а не только при отбросе.

Cut version of the transcript with Maxim (adm) 28.09.17

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Author: #1488 Паук-призрак

Interpreter: #5555Arrona

The full text of the transcript can be read here (only on Russian), here is presented a thesis of the transcript, in which the already implemented changes (as of January 5, 2018) are marked:

  • There will be a gradual transition from Flash to HTML5.
  • First changes on transition to HTML5 soon after interview.
  • First versions of web-pages for mobile device gameplay are planned to show up in winter.
  • Thieves' Guild reform is planned.
  • Balancing the difficulty for every faction.
  • Reducing the cooldown after unsuccessful ambushes.
  • Ability to do a certain ammount of daily ambushes on enemies without increasing their difficulty.
  • Acceptance of applications for participation in creation of future battle campaigns is open, participants are selected by red-ant
  • Nearest event - event with new artefacts.
  • Next event - third battle campaign.
  • There will be a couple more events, and then Thieves' Guild reform.
  • There will be a feedback after reform.
  • To create weeks of bonuses in the manner of weeks from Heroes of Might and Magic, the newspaper will launch a competition to collect ideas from players, the best ideas will be used in the future.
  • It will happen after the newspaper asks for examples of weeks and approves the prize fund.
  • The initial Laborers' Guild coefficient will be increased for the first two or three Battle Levels, in order to stimulate the newcomers.
  • In order to stimulate the newcomers, there will be added an item for reaching 3-4 battle level.
  • Daily bonuses shall be added.
  • Work with the initiative group is productive and will be continued.
  • Possibly, an additional information shall be given after small updates.
  • Currently, work on the nature magic is not conducted, however, it is planned to add new spells, such as ''mine field'' and ''magical shield'' starting with 3rd school of magic.
  • The nerf of elementals shall not be reversed.
  • A re-balance of defensive builds is planned.
  • Changes for "Shadow barbarian" and "Fury barbarian" tribal spirit bonuses are planned.
  • Possible re-balancing of "Shadow barbarian", for example, change in Ogre health, in order to avoid gameplay from a single stack of monsters.
  • Damage of ''Hellfire'' will be changed in order for it to not feel over-powered, but still playable. In other words, either the damage shall be returned to what it was before the fix, but it will make physical damage instead of magical, or max damage will be increased to 350-400.
  • The increase of chaos players will, most likely, be done through items, which increase the initiative of hero.
  • New rings will be added to compete against ''Ring of Cold'' They will have same stats, but no ignoring of magical defences.
  • There are no changes planned for Necromancers.
  • No changes are planned concerning the 13th skill level.
  • In the small tournament there is a sorting of rivals depending on the success of the player's fights in a particular tournament.
  • It is planned to change the survival tournament so that more new players can participate in it.
  • The "Mass Disruption ray" will not change, since it will affect the balance too much.
  • Elves will be able to choose the favorite enemy for the faction and its alternative class separately. For example, you can choose to favorite enemies of Skeletal bowmen from the Necromancers and Dreadlords from the Unholy necromancer
  • It is possible that a subforum will be created for the balance discussion by the experienced players.
  • Changes to the Tactician set are not planned, however there is a possibility that new items will be added for high levels.
  • The ammount of points needed for tactician levels might get reduced.
  • The purpose of the Mirror of Change was to see how much gold players are willing to spend for an auto-fight, and make auto-fights available for mobile devices, for example in Hunters' Guild and Mercenaries' Guild, so that players can click mirror, and activate auto-fight. (c) Maxim (adm).
  • The problem with the use of the Mirror of Change in Commanders' Guild will be solved.
  • In winter, most likely, there will be a thematic action. For the sword of cold, maybe.
  • The Alternative of the dwarves is planned this year, almost all the creatures' skills have been completed. It remains to finish the ability of the faction: we want to leave the runes, because the dwarves go well with them, and at the same time remake the runes. For example, now the idea is something like this: some runes give a creature for the whole fight some kind of buff: defense, attack, modifier; Another rune determines the power of previous rune (depends on the abilities of the dwarves). But also it will be a tactical component - now this creature has a boost for the remaining fight. Let's say, +1 speed for the whole fight, depending on enemy, you can choose a different rune in another fight. (c) Maxim (adm)
  • It is planned to add leagues to Commanders' Guild, which will depend on player's activity.
  • Return of 2x2 and 3x3 battles in Commanders' Guild might be possible as applications during certain time periods.
  • It is possible to add additional achievements and symbolic rewards for records in Hunters' Guild and Mercenaries' Guild.
  • It is possible to add an Alchemists' Guild, which will allow players to make potions. Potions will first be added to market to determine their price, and it is still not clear what they will be created from, elements from Mercenaries' Guild, or something else.
  • For victims in the Thieves' Guild, a free auto-fight button can be added from the very beginning of the battle.
  • The transfer of gold and item at the same time for blacksmiths can be achieved.
  • The statistics for lost missions in Mercenaries' Guild will be raised.
  • Possible exchange rate changes: diamonds - gold.
  • The personal image cost will be reduced.
  • Alexander (adm) listens to the interview, but he does not plan to give one.
  • There might be a chance to obtain an image without stats for donations.
  • Global graphics changes are not planned.
  • An ability to transfer control to a player of lower level in clan war can be added.
  • The problem with the "covers" in the clan war will be solved.
  • The loss of 25% of the army for gaining Commanders' Guild points in battles for taxes will be removed, plus the number of Commanders' Guild points awarded for these fights will be lowered.
  • Battle glory might become a bonus for clan that enters TOP positions.
  • There will be more events where it is possible to control unplayable factions or creatures.
  • One such event, most likely, will be the event before the introduction of the alt dwarves. (you will be able to play as alterntive class of dwarves)
  • It is possible to shorten the timer when searching for the enemy "easier / more difficult" in events with repeated wait timers.
  • Perhaps, automatic rewarding with gold for the event will be done, so that the player would not need to worry about picking up the gold.
  • There will be an extension of the faction's skill table eventually, but not now.
  • The low level item drops for high level players is a bug, that will be fixed in the nearest future.
  • There will be new enterprises.
  • In taxes and PvP, the 20th Battle Level will be divided with 21st and 22nd.
  • New items for 18+ level players will be added.
  • There is a plan to reduce the cost of auction items by increasing their numbers.
  • There will be no Abu-Bakir's Charm for a lower time periods.
  • Old item sets will be made usable.


1 / 05.01.2018 22:29 / Маг-Лесник [13] ?
Орфографический инсульт... вы гугл переводчиком перевдили?
2 / 05.01.2018 22:34 / Паук-призрак [16] ?
Маг-Лесник, конкретнее, пожалуйста. Можно сразу в личку к переводчику.
3 / 05.01.2018 23:20 / Маг-Лесник [13] ?
Да вы не в состоянии посмотреть, как натанглийском будет благо абу бекра...
Abu-Bakir's Charm
А blessing of abu bekr это чистый гугл транслейт
О чем еще с вами говорить? Искать ваши ошибки бесплатно - я не нанимался. В первом абзаце их штуки три, читать остальную кипу неграмотного текста мне лень
4 / 05.01.2018 23:23 / Маг-Лесник [13] ?
И БС это не battle fame, a battle glory.
237 heroes, battle glory: 3,601

А вообще классный у вас переводчик, я бы поработал.
Вставляешь статью в гугол, глазами пробежал поправил то что совсем глаза режет, и вбрасываешь. Изи
5 / 05.01.2018 23:54 / mr_leon [14] ?
Маг-Лесник, так поработай!
Критиковать каждый может
6 / 06.01.2018 00:05 / Паук-призрак [16] ?
Названия проверил и исправил на те, которые на Лордах.
7 / 06.01.2018 10:30 / тарррантул [16] ?
Ну да)) пальцем тыкать может же каждый))

только все собачились в теме  о том, что нет переводчиков, и пришли сюда пальцем тыкать в тех, которые хоть что-то делают))  смешные люди

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