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Author: #1488 Паук-призрак

Interpreter: #5555Arrona

The full text of the transcript can be read here (only on Russian), here is the abstract analysis of the transcript:

  • It is planned to introduce a rating in the Commanders’ Guild. The rating will be divided into leagues, so that advanced players and beginners can play with equal experience. Each league will have their own bonuses, the higher the league, the higher the bonuses.
  • It is planned to introduce "equal fights" in the Commanders’ Guild at certain times. In these battles, everything will be equalized, for example, guild indicators and the ability of the faction.
  • With the transfer of battles to HTML5, the loading of fights will get faster.
  • The increase in time for the arrangement in Commanders’ Guild and tournaments, most likely, will not be increased.
  • Entering a separate critical for Elves will most likely happen in January or February, along with the balance of the factions. And it will either be just upgraded creatures, or it will depend on the level of the opponent. Previously, it could not be introduced because of classes of barbarians, in which some upgraded creatures were the same. Because of this, when entering a split critical, an elf could choose more than one creature for one class as a favored enemy.
  • The announcement of the appearance of a dueling application in the Commanders’ Guild will be most likely implemented.
  • The problem of the possibility of starting auto-combat in Commanders’ Guild duels with the help of the Mirror of Changes will be analyzed. 
  • Algorithms of distribution in mixed battles to avoid unequal battles will be analyzed. Most likely, builds will be considered Statistics show that pairs in mixed Commanders’ Guild battles have an average percentage of wins and, accordingly, there is no sense in changing anything.
  • Probably, the restriction on the distribution engine will be tested, so that in mixed battles there are no more than 4 people and all fights are faster.
  • Probably, the distribution will change several times per day (at one time, the priority for distribution in battles 3x3, at other times the priority for distribution in battles with 4 players, and sometime there will be 2x2 between players of same level, for example). Every day the schedule will be posted, at what time and in which format the fights will take place. Accordingly, every day it will be different. 
  • PvP-contests will be repeated, but not so often that players will get bored.
  • Enchanted shop artifacts and enchanted artifacts without restrictions are unlikely to be introduced there, since because of the high cost of the battle, too few players can participate.
  • PvP-contests, with players on one side, and players+bots on the other side (like in the war with traitors), are unlikely to happen, since it is very difficult to balance pairs.
  • The Tribal set will change so that it will not be so over-powered as now. At the same time, it will be changed carefully, so that after cutting it does not become useless.
  • Work will be done to solve the problem of the scarcity of enchanted rare artifacts. Perhaps, an artifact / artifact lease store will be introduced for renting these artifacts.
  • Entering various bonuses for Commanders (potions, beautiful banners in battles, etc.), which they can receive while going to the guild fights, is planned in indefined future.
  • No introduction is planned for the Potion of Skill which is valid for 1 day.
  • The ratio of experience and skill in PvP will be improved and will not be worse than during events. New shop artifacts for high level players are planned, but not in the near future.
  • Magic artifacts from donations are still not planned.
  • The percentage of victories of casters on the 1-15th combat level will be analyzed.
  • Concerning the actualization of the Magic Guild lvl 4 for Holy and Darkness magic, a topic will be created on the forum "Discussion of the balance". Spells "Berserker", "Antimagic", "Teleport" will be updated, but so as not to become over-powered. "Antimagic" can even get an additional effect or start working on an area.
  • Decay theoretically can be made playable, but not for a build that will, like chaos, stand in the defence and cast.
  • New spells (Magic Guild level 5 and "Minefield") are not entered into the game, as work is underway on the book of magic made in HTML5. When it is completed, we can also discuss about new spells. 
  • Increasing the variety of builds for alts is not planned, as, firstly, army sets can become too similar to the classical faction, and secondly, then it will be more difficult to balance them.
  • Giving the wizards an attack talent branch is not planned, only to strengthen the magic builds. We can give the necromancers an attack talent branch, but without increasing the damage of the skeletons.
  • We will raise statistics on the use of certain hero talents. Those perks that are used little will be updated (strengthened or made cheaper).
  • Gaps in the balance, because of which one faction completely dominates over the other (Unholy Necromancer can’t kill Tribal, chaos builds can’t kill Unholy Necromancer, etc.) will be corrected. But this will not happen by the increase in damage or defense, but by adding special skills to creatures or heroes.
  • Perhaps somehow the resistance of the Lodestone golems will be replaced, which makes it virtually invulnerable to the magic of chaos in battles without enchanted artifacts.
  • A potion which temporarily reduces combat level can be added, but this is very difficult to implement and requires elaboration.
  • The administration knows that the roots of expofobia are not only in skill points, but also in leveling the guilds, and awaits suggestions for solving this problem. 
  • The "Discussion of balance" forum will continue to be used and read by the Administration. Bonus in Commanders’ Guild, in addition to gold can be diamonds and/or artifacts of the faction.
  • "3 days of bonuses" will be repeated in the future. It is possible that more often than now.
  • The introduction of the dwarves alternative and the changes in the Thieves’ Guild was delayed due to the work on translation of battles to HTML5, which has been going on since October. Everything is made so that they work even on the weakest phones. 
  • During the first half of January in battles on HTML5 magic will be added.
  • Next, the work on the dwarves alternative and Thieves’ Guild reform will begin.
  • The programmer staff is not increased due to the fact that the code is very specific. Attempts were already made, but they did not lead to anything.
  • Nevertheless, some expansion of the team of people working on the game will be done - the development of battle campaigns will now be handled by a special group, which is now being trained by red-ant.

After the interview, the communication with the Administration continued for some time, the information obtained in the course of this communication was briefly described here.


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