Merry Christmas & Happy New year!

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Merry Christmas & Happy New year!... These words were heard all over the Empire from Kingdom Castle to Peaceful Camp, from Sunny City to Harbor City. Decorations and lights were everywhere, and even the deepest and darkest of caves were lit. Every single city, village, castle were filled with music and cheer- the most magical time of the year. The time when wishes come true, simply because it is their time. Time for miracles of all sorts to happen. (for once not due to some corky wizard messing up a spell)...

Well, I am sure you just want to get back to the celebrations, or perhaps, to looting of the magical vault, so I would like to keep it short. We, at HWM Daily, have gotten a hold of the mystical and the most powerful (well one of them, but shhh) creature in the Empire- The Sphinx. And together we have came up with a mini event for all of you! Starting from today (26.12.18) until the 31.12.18) we will be posting mini tasks on behalf of our majestic and powerful (etc.etc) Sphinx. You are free to answer to these questions/complete the tasks on the Game Forum in the respective topic or directly in commentaries on HWM Daily. Everyday there would be a new task (or several new tasks) and once the new task comes out, all previous answers will be evaluated and completion of the previous tasks would not count anymore. The tasks would be added to the post on HWM Daily, and thereafter posted on the forum.

There would be plenty of rewards big and small (depending on whether you have been good Lords and Ladies or not). Remember Sphinx loves creativity and tricky answers for the tricky questions!

The first question: Why do all dwarfs have a beard? Which dwarf has the longest beard in the whole Empire (and how did you measure it)?

The best answer (by MAcDonald):

Why do all dwarfs have a beard? Actualy it is beards who has dwarves, not the other way round. It is for transportation purposes mainly. Beards enjoy how dwarves care about them aplying oils, combing etc. Beards like to float approximately 30 cm above the ground, thus small beards have short (young) dwarves carrying them, while long beards are usualy being carried by older dwarves.

Which dwarf has the longest beard in the whole Empire (and how did you measure it)? The longest beard is carried by a highest dwarf, obviously. Measuring beards is realy simple. You measure a dwarf and substract 30 cm.

Second task: Here you will find a list of "Abilities possessed by creatures of playable factions" your next task is to combine any three of them however you like in order to make the best ability possible (what is the best is up to you). Don't forget to name it accordingly, the name is, of course, very important!

The best answers

Clear all- the ultimate melee attack. Six-headed strike + retribution strike + triple strike By Erathia

"Army Killer"- Let's see how many survive after this one... Shooter, ricochet shot, blade of doom by Meshy (best ranged)

"Ultimate Defender" - You shall not pass (Gandalf is very proud) Take roots+ Wild reflexes + Hold ground by Expert_BOT

"LEEEEEROY" - no comments, only psychotic laughter... Charge + lizard charge + jousting by Nazra

Third question: "Betrayal, betrayal, betrayal... Hmmm... It seems like many can betray in the Empire. Do you know who to keep an eye on?" Your next task is to name as many possible betrayals as you can that are present in the game. The first one to find a particular way to betray and post it will get the reward.

Answers (Note, that most of these have explanations on the forum) (for explanation click here)

  1. Teammate not helping in combat and laughing when you die.
  2. True betrayal? Its these captains we hand our armies to when we chose to auto combat! (Aurelija)
  3. Tribal Goblins
  4. Magi through shot when they hurt more allies than enemy.
  5. Worst of all, betrayal by my army when they get seduced by the evil temptress
  6. Berserkers and berserker (ability) destroying allies.
  7. Meteorite rain, chain lightning, fireball, earthen spikes, other aoe spells. When the allied lord backstabbed me once upon a time during hunt assist to take everything for himself.
  8. Thieves ambushing other thieves, and innocent poor folks without mounts.
  9. The true betrayer is the Empire itself.
  10. "Left the current clan to enter the top in event clan for better reward."-FredySky #Thug Life
  11. For me true betrayal was when my dragons decided to kill my cute little spirits along with Renegade thugs enemy.
  12. Letting your classic wizard play hunt/mg/wg with mirror.
  13. There is only one thing and it is luck
  14. Tribals using their goblins.
  15. Roulette is the true betrayal!
  16. Moderators...
  17. Clanmates coming to defense with min AP
  18. Teammate using DoF firebal
  19. Dark Elves
  20. Afk CG partners
  21. Undercover rangers in thief guilds

Fourth question: "Once upon a time, a traveler told me a story of a magnificent something that lies somewhere on Empire's lands. He said that if you travel from Kingdom's Castle to the Peaceful Camp you will find it.. Or, perhaps, smell.. Or, perhaps, touch... Or, perhaps, see?" What is it? Remember, the Sphinx likes creative answers.

The best answer: (by ProZyk)

Once there lived a magnificent dragon on undergrounds of Dragon Caves; smelled like heaven, pure solace to eyes and soft like a feather! Dragon lived thousands of year but later died for protecting Empire's Capital for which all peasants are forever grateful. With the help of a local friendly necromancer, they have tied the head of dragon at the entrance of Dragon's Cave now and if true believer passes through the cave, they can actually see, smell and touch the lifeless-but-fulloflife soul of Dragon. No one knows how that necromancer did it, this secret went with him as he disappeared now.

Final task: It is time for the final challenge from the Majestic Sphinx... Answers to this one should be sent to Spartak142 private mail marked "Sphinx Challenge" as this is a trivia and the lord/lady who will answer most of the questions correctly will get the prize. All of the tasks are about the game. Note that answers can be long forgotten as they can be related to history of LordsWM. What is the Sphinx talking about in each of the riddles?

  1. "The present is the past. The future I have seen. I fight now for you- Empire, my Queen."

    Answer: Time Portal event.

  2. "One year has passed and we meet again, last year you were brave and now you are mad. Every year curse repeats and the problem is mine, the curse is on since the beginning of time."

    Answer: New year hunting creatures (hunts new and old year creatures)

  3. "We have been waiting for this so long- it's a meme. The year is almost over and chances are slim... What do you say Admin? "

    Answer: Dwarf alternative class

  4. " Ever worn a steel buckler? Or, perhaps, a shortbow do you know where they came from? Now tell me more!"

    Answer: Crypt at Verdan Dell. Campaign vs undead. More about it

  5. "Would you like some money? I know a way! Hard to catch but reward is amazing, yay!? "

    Answer: Hamster side event

  6. " Green little creature, holding a ball. Christmas and present? He hates it all..."

    Answer: Grinch

  7. "He doesn't get in to houses, By walking through front doors Instead he uses chimneys, his name is..."

    Answer: Santa Claus

The challenge has ended and the winner is ProZyk answering 6 questions correctly! almost got the question 4. The Sphinx is pleased! Second goes to virtual_vitrea. And the third place has been shared between Erathia, mkland and Lord Fosgeen .

    ProZyk's answers
  1. Portal of Time
  2. New year hunting creatures
  3. Alt dwarf
  4. From old event, needed to unlock by killing leaders.
  5. Hamster
  6. Grinch
  7. Santa Claus


1 / 27.12.2018 16:24 / Erathia [18] ?
1. Because their hairs are not enough for producing torches in the dark underground.
2. Priests. They have the lowest speed and initiative among all the dwarfs, because of their longest beard.
2 / 27.12.2018 17:31 / Aurelija [16] ?
Unlimited Retaliation(or War dance if the earlier one does not work without Large Creature), Six-Headed Strike, Assault.
3 / 27.12.2018 18:27 / Gameaddict [7] ?
Six headed attack, life drain, dragon breath
4 / 27.12.2018 19:06 / ProZyk [16] ?
Unlimited retaliation, Vindictiveness, Ignore defense 60% ( ancient behemoth )
5 / 27.12.2018 19:12 / ProZyk [16] ?
In case if we have to name combination of all our 3 abilities ( didn't fully understood, but still doing it just in case ) :
" Deadly Retaliation "
Good luck attacking it :P

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