Призрак-монстр в ГН способен восстановить всё свое здоровье, ударив юнита-колдуна даже с одной единицей маны в Вашей армии.

New Year present

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Dear Lords,

On behalf of HWM Daily I've decided to make an unusual New Year present for you. Each of you can write any wishes in this topic, and I will choose at least 1 wish and fulfill it!


1. Each person can write only 1 wish.

2. Nobody can change or correct his wish.

3. Your wishes must be connected with this game.

4. All wishes must not violate the rules of this game (transfer rules, forum rules, etc.).

5. All wishes must not be offensive, impudent or unrealizable.

6. I will choose the most unusual, extraordinary and touching wish. You can publish pecuniary wishes, but I don't like banal wishes connected with gold. Please, try to understand me and the whole goal of this idea.

7. If I like more than 1 wish, I can fulfill several wishes. But I have to fulfill at least 1 wish. All the rest is up to me.

8. If there are no wishes or all of them are inadequate, I will not fulfill anything.

9. I don't have to explain why I choose or don't choose any wish.

10. Try to explain your wishes. Tell me why you need this or that thing/action.

11. This idea is totally mine. Please, don't try to spoil it somehow or I will close this topic without any continuation.

12. Your wishes are accepted only today (December, 31) till 23:59.

13. The results will be published tomorrow or within the next few days. It depends on the total amount of wishes.

Thank you for understanding. I hope you will enjoy this idea. Happy New Year, my dear commies!

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