The history of politics in HWM

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It's good to be a dictator. And how did I cope earlier?

Max Frei

Today Im going to tell you about the thing youve already known but its not customary to speak about it. What is the peculiarity of Empires politics? With what political system does it have the same features? Why militarism and dictatorship are the best ways to feel all the delights of the medieval fantasy?

State ideology and form of government of the Empire

Lucius Cornelius Sulla, Guy Julius Caesar, Cleopatra all these significant figures of world history were dictators we can continue to enumerate a list of such persons for a long time. But will our Empress be among these figures? Let's try to find out.

There is no doubt that in our lands there is only one state ideology. And its name is militarism.

You neednt look far for examples almost every region of our todays map is the result of war of conquest with some kind of Empires enemies:

And the Empire does not hesitate to use all possible methods in its military operations:

  • Demonstrative burning of the necromancer who opposed the Empire.

  • Cruel tortures of Kingdoms soldier by Grammith and the engineer Bellatius, which led to the death of the prisoner.

And these are just a few examples.

The form of government is more difficult to understand.

Until the 16th of February, 2009 the form of government of the Empire was autocracy.

The power was in the Empresss hands, there were not counselors who could promote not only state interests.

Yes, on the 4th of November, 2008 clan posts were invented. It influenced on the structure of Empires subordinates (on us), but global changes such as clan wars and control over enterprises didnt come.

On the 16th of February, 2009 the event, which fully changed the impression of Empires power, happened. A new counselor, who was the supreme magician in Wizards council in Sunny City, was presented. It was - [21] (in the official news his name was without dash and he was your Majesty).

After a series of brutal experiments and original tricks, which started with learning of Carbuncle, Abu-Bakir actually became the leader of the magical community of the Empire. If its said in his personal information even her Majesty the Empress followed his advice.

Dictatorship of the ruling group of individuals was established in the Empire.

Is it bad? Lets look at the advantages and disadvantages:

  • In theory, the Empire excludes the appearance imbalanced players who with help of artifacts and troops get the advantages over players.

  • There are less swindlers and inadequate players in the Empire because of set of rules and strict obedience to them.

  • The Empire completely controls the market and does not give anyone the opportunity to become richer due to the dishonest game.

  • The control over all aspects of the game gives notorious equality among all players.
  • The control over all aspects of the game gives an opportunity to a small group of people to do what they want. A vivid example is previous moderator [13] who banned everyone she wanted no matter were they intruders or not. As a result she was blocked for inadequacy.

  • The Empire completely controls the market not giving an opportunity to get a fortune, setting her prices. The rules of selling and buying rare items are ambiguous.

  • Until recently it was impossible to prove that you were not guilty and to justify a player, who worked in lived in the Empire, without the Appeals Commission. Considering that there was no prison and players were blocked immediately.

There are only several advantages and disadvantages and I suggest you to send me your thoughts about this: Empires dictatorship is it good or bad?

Taking small steps the Empire was moving to establish a new form of government militarocracy.

As you know, next two counselors came to the Empire during their success in warfare.

I would like to mention that the first was a necromancer Serpanion, who created on the 17th of June, 2009 a new arena in the Empire and carried out the third Blindfold tournament on it.

When the war with the Kingdom began creating a group of military counselors became evident. A Warlord began to appear in news, his name was written with a capital letter and he regulated some military questions. In the war we could get his name [21] , in 2011 his character was appeared.

On the 28th of June, 2010 after a series of fierce battles a group of dwarfs with white flags appeared on the border with the Empire. Several years ago during the war they were driven from their lands and they had to flee on ships in other countries. But they came back and wanted to make peace. Their leader was [21] the king of dwarfs.

It will be strange not to mention them who dont have character page with information but who influenced on the Empire and have merits at the front: Knight Alec who created Contest site, Rayzar who supplies our arena with new fighters, dark elfs leaders and so on.

Gradually, the Empire's system of government had been expanding and began to include a large number of new elements.

There is no reason for laughter but the Empire has taken a great step to democracy from her appearance.

There are two key points that marked a new turn in its political structure.

On the 14th of July, 2012 the Appeals Commission was founded. Of course there had been analogues before; the players had done a lot to achieve fair solutions after blocks and fines. But the official state recognition of such authority became an important part in the development of democracy.

On the 11th of February, 2014 the clan wars appeared. Doesnt matter that several years have passed between these events, let it be that CW isnt that weve expected, but the fact of transferring facilities to clans ownership and unlimited income became a historical breakthrough for LWM and for every player.

I should also say about mass media. Our radio and newspaper became for us taken for granted, but they have a long history of development including the removal of censorship. Four years ago this article couldnt be approved by Daily but now its possible.

Lets also remember the alternative mass media, the most important of which is Heroes Guide.

Will full democracy be here, when people control the market, when clanmates dress each other or exchange easily resources, when people can speak about other games in chat and on forum and when they can blame the game for these or those vices? I dont think so.

However we can find some advantages, but do we want to find them? Its much easier to blame than to create and I understand some nuances quite well: how this game is made and why it is made in such way (and continued to be the same). The policy of dictatorship and total control is easy to manage, and no matter what others say it helps people to save from their stupidity and to keep a balance. The market and some piece of censorship is a low price for a good game and equal chances in combats and trade. Control just says us that the Empire cares about the game and her players.

Leave your opinion on this matter in the comments; it will be interesting to see the detailed answers.

PS: Reading news I found an interesting picture on which dwarfs sail away into the sunset and Empires army stays on the shore. Its a pity, that there are no animated pictures in news...

PPS: Here you can see a funny allusion to real life in which the belief in Twins-Gods reveals the belief that two real men will lead Lords to the Universal balance.

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