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Numbers of 2018

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Author: #302 Максимус

Translation author: spartak142

After saying “Goodbye” to 2018 and greeting the 2019 it is finally time to take a look at some data from the past year. In our world of War and Money (or, perhaps, Might and Magic?) it has taken an important place. Out of all the things I, personally, would like to highlight the introduction of Daily Bonuses and Leaders’ Guild. In this article we are going to examine the statistics of 2018.

During the past year there were around 70'500'000 battles and almost 4'000'000 tavern games played.

The graph below shows the number of battles fought throughout the history of the game (in millions):

And here is the tavern game graph (in thousands):

The first character to register in 2018 was Invincible Lord

The first character in 2019 was New Bender

It is kind of funny (or sad) that someone takes time every year to register a new hero at 00:00 on the first of January.

The total number of freshly registered Lords and Ladies is 112638. 361 clans were registered as well.

Here are the registrations stats (in thousands):

In 2018 there were a total of 5'684'000 market offers (in thds):

Some miscellaneous facts:

Around 77'000 of survilurgh attacks were successfully defended (over 92K the year before)!

15'000 card tournaments were played as well as about 39'500 quick tournaments!

661 rare items were found in the chests!

We have received 64 official newsletters:

General Summary:

2018 has pleased us with a couple of changes that have affected the game a lot. One of which is the Empire set with some very nice bonuses attached. Another is the introduced daily bonuses, that make the game more fun and diverse. The battle campaigns have been balanced so that they do not skyrocket to infinity anymore. And as a cherry on top- introduction of the Leaders’ Guild and all the events that came with it

Slowly but sure the game is moving to HTML5 and we are hoping to see a couple of sweet graphical updates.

We wish you a great 2019!

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