Иммунитет к заклинаниям из школы магии Тьмы (кроме заклинания «Разложение») нельзя преодолеть никакими способами.

Trick or Treat? (Results)

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Lords and Ladies! Great news have arrived!

After thousands of interrogations and ambushes, after thousands of battles and days of hard-work the squashmen have been driven away. The Council is grateful to every single hero who took part in the quest and helped out in whatever way they could!

That being said the Council would like to give special thanks to Lords and Ladies who did especially well. Lord MilesTeg, MagDonald, mellor and Meshy receive 7000 gold each for their exceptional ability to persuade an enemy to tell them what they want to know. Their best conversations you can find here. Be careful, Ai chats may harm you... :

Dmitri Stsuka from french mafia. Guess how old he is?

AI who blamed his pc

When you taunt a Leprechaun

Dark Gargoyles that spoke 4 languages

Little bonus Behemots studying for an exam

The battle that showed everyone that we can fight back! Lord Meshy has shown us how to slain Squashmen properly, and for that Council awards him with a Blade of Rebirth.

Thank you so much for your efforts warriors! Your awards have been sent now!

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