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New shop artifacts

24.03.2014 19:45 / comments: 6 / view: 1201 /

Author: Qwainos

All the artifacts from the chests of abundance are opened, some of them were really surprising. Ill divide them into 2 different groups: PvP full-valued artifacts and low-valued artifacts oriented to be applied in PvE. So lets see what has changed after their implementation.

Those funny combats. Part 2

13.03.2014 11:29 / comments: 4 / view: 812 /

Author: Qwainos

Time passes quickly, new funny battles appear again and again. We continue to publish them, but this time we will show some old battles. Several years ago there were many interesting combats, so you have a chance to enjoy them now.

7th Anniversary!

01.03.2014 11:45 / comments: 1 / view: 633 /

Dear friends! Ladies and Lords! Today is the 7th Anniversary of the HWM project!

This game brings us positive emotions, interesting battles, new friends all over the world. There were a lot of different changes during these years, including the HWM & LWM merge.

Those funny combats

22.02.2014 16:20 / comments: 2 / view: 901 /

Author: Qwainos

While the latter-day Holy Knights and their fellow Darkness Demon partners are ganging other players in PvP and dominating in the forests, I offer you a handful of extraordinary combats to watch. These fights dont share any specific idea or meaning the sole purpose of this selection is to show you some funny LWM bugs and peculiar in-game occurrences Have a nice day!

LWM.com Players. Statistics

11.02.2014 09:58 / comments: 5 / view: 1850 /

Author: AcademHero

In January 2013 the LWM.com server was merged with its bigger HWM.ru counterpart. So, who are these people who joined the HWM.ru community?

This article is about something we could only guess since we havent seen the numbers yet. Statistic data was taken from the Xasers resource (whom we sincerely thank for providing it). It displays only the performance of active players (who participated in at least one fight of any kind during last 2 weeks), as usual. The LWM.com players were identified by their ID (IDs range between 4300000-499999).

Alternative builds: Elves with Nature Magic builds. Part 3

30.01.2014 19:57 / comments: 6 / view: 1001 /

Author: Qwainos

Let's say you have chosen a pure Elven Nature Magic build. So, you prefer considerable magic damage and stable, powerful Raise Dead spell effect.

A good choice. After examining formulas and application of spells, it's time to describe common tactical principles and details.

There is a widespread misconception that you need only one thing to play Elven Nature spell caster properly - to stand with your Treefolks in the corner and repeatedly click on Firewall spells icon in your spell book.

Of course, you can try to play so, but do not count on more than 25 % wins ...

Alternative builds: Elves with Nature Magic builds. Part 2

18.01.2014 18:21 / comments: 5 / view: 986 /

Author: Qwainos

I. Spells

After youve chosen and optimized the Nature Magic build you're going to use, it's time to get acquainted with spells you have in your arsenal.

Alternative builds. Elves with Nature Magic builds. Part 1

13.12.2013 02:21 / comments: 4 / view: 1540 /

Author: Qwainos


Our game’s reality is subjected to traditional rules, according to which each playable faction has a couple of fixed builds for nearly all kinds of battles. Players almost never change those. 

For example, if you see a mage in opposing team, you can be quite certain that the mage is using the Chaos build and therefore you can identify the perks and primary stats he is using without checking this player’s profile. Sometimes they change the distribution of units in hero’s army – for example, recruiting steel golems instead of genies, rakshasas or arch magi. Or, if you meet a demon, you can guess he’s having Tactics and Luck perks.


Official Appeal Commission

02.12.2013 15:58 / comments: 0 / view: 271 /
We are glad to introduce the official clan created for players to be able to dispute any kind of punishment they consider unjust. All players concerned are welcome to submit their requests for appeals. You can read further details here.

Lords celebrate Halloween

23.10.2013 19:16 / comments: 0 / view: 1175 /

Halloween, or all Hallows eve, is celebrated on the last day of October. Halloween is a very ancient fest, has its roots from the pre-christian beliefs of celts, occupying the territory of modern Ireland. But, unlike many pagan celebrations and rituals, Halloween is not reset to the cultural wayside of civilization. On the contrary, according to some estimates, the scope of its celebrations can be compared with such popular holidays, as Christmas or St.Valentine's Day.

Editorial staff of the HWM-Daily newspaper have decided not to stand aside and suggests all the lords from the 5-th combat level be involved in the contest.