Holy Dwarf

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Author: Te1as

One can be a real Holy Dwarf at level 11 only with Expert Holy Magic and two Dominions. I was without early-upgraded Berserkers, so Ill tell you about the Shooting Holy Dwarf Tactics.

Elf Chaoser

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Author: Qwainos

A well-known topic about the build variety has been warming our souls for many months already. If anybody forgot, Ill recall the abstract:

It is suggested to add some new classes (builds) to every faction with different talents cost, army recruitment and some additional bonuses. For example, Knights in the Shooting build for hunting, Necromancers, specialized in Raise Dead at high levels or with Offense skill branch, Wizards with Holy and Darkness magic, Elf- Chaosers, Barbarians with good defense or with Darkness spells, Dark Elfs with Holy and Nature magic, an army and a rush build for Dwarf-Chaosers.

Last time I wrote an article, concerning this topic, so Ill highlight the phrase about Elf Chaosers. As a person, who plays the original HoMM V for Elfs with Chaos and Darkness magic, I wondered why LWM Elves have so castrated version of the battle magic Nature magic only with only half of the spells in the branch, and the absence of Sorcery branch. So it was decided to check the elf-chaosers abilities, adapted to the present day situation.

Demon Chaoser (lvl 14)

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Author: dwango and Gnomek

Main Principles

Chaos. What does this word mean for any Lord? Deadly magical damage one can't escape, and also a swift Gargoyle or an impenetrable Hydra. In both cases we are talking about a fearsome sorcerer with almost useless army, who destroys his opponents with spells only. Public techniques involve Lizard Charge or Gargoyle flight, but few players use the other troops.

This article is about a more interesting chaoser Demon, who can simultaneously damage his opponents not only with his hero, but with his units as well. In this case you can't just press a defence button and kill your enemies with the powerful magic. Demon has to enter a close combat with his enemies. Unlike the common chaosers whose armies deal about 5-10% of all the damage, Demon troops do more than a half of all the damage and hero spells are only an auxiliary force in reaching the certain aim.

Interview with Cantbstopped (eng)

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Author: kalabunga

Greetings, noble Lords and Ladies of our glorious Empire!

This is our first interview with anyone from this server, and thats why we have decided to interview a person who means a lot to this server - cantbstopped. CBS has found a spare minute to talk to us and so we headed towards the Royal Castle. We took our sits behind the dining table placed in one of the castle audience chambers, took couple of sips of miraculous tea and our conversation began:

An interview with the leader of MCC, Syrian

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Greetings, noble Lords and Ladies!

On this day we would like to finally present you an interview with Syrian who is the leader of the Military Clan Council. This interview is a result of a common effort of the LoWM community members and the .ru servers official newspaper called HWM Daily. Lord Syrian shared his thoughts on the upcoming server merger as well as the creative activity of LoWM community.