Умение «Смертельный взгляд» Призрачных драконов уменьшает БД всем вражеским живым существам на поле. Это единственная пассивная абилка бесконечно широкого охвата.


Bard Contest

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Автор: #7490 cyberclops

High atop the parapets of the royal castle in Sunny City, an old spectacled wizard stood, gazing down upon the streets of the city square. Although the old wizard looked frail with his hunched back and long white beard, he was by no means weak nor defenceless. As a matter of fact, he was the Lord Reagent of this city and was an esteemed combat magician who had proved his worth time and again on the battlefield. Even as he aged and hung up his battle gear to be a councilor in the Empress's Court, he was still a proud and powerful magician.

However at this very moment, he let out a long sigh, at the same time muttering softly to himself. The city square he was gazing at was cold and empty eventhough it was high noon and should have been bustling with traders and adventurers. The reason for their absence was simple enough and that was a large majority of all able bodied lords and ladies had all taken up the call for arms to wage battle against the smugglers who had recently been operating in the kingdom. Yet, this was not the main reason for Councilor Bilir's sigh. The actual reason was apparently more personal which was why he had kept it to himself all this time.

Being a long-lived wizard who had lived for hundreds of years, it was only natural that nobody was aware about the fact that today was his birthday! Nobody had come to express their well-wishes and most certainly nobody had taken the initiative to celebrate it with him. Even the city that he ruled was so quiet on this day that he could not even cheer himself up with the hustle and bustle of the crowds.

Unknown to him, his youngest granddaughter was watching him with thoughtful eyes, hidden behind the heavy curtains of the palace. Out of the grandkids she had taken after him most. She showed an incredible talent in the arcane arts and therefore he had kept her by his side to provide her with personal tutelage. It so happened that this particular granddaughter whom he was very fond of had actually guessed the meaning hidden behind his earlier sigh. With a thoughtful smile on her face, she turned around and left the palace hall where her grandfather was. Back in her room, she changed into civilian clothes and doned a thick hooded cloak before a dark silhouette could be seen slipping from the palace gates into the dark alleyways.

That very evening, rumours started to spread around the local taverns and alehouses. Weary fighters who had been battling the smugglers all day long heard the news and their eyes lit up, even the barmaids and the cooks had excited looks on their faces as they served their guests for an announcement had been made for a simple task with a hefty sum of compensation included.

Lords and Ladies, In conjunction with the 150th birthday of Councilor Bilir who is the Lord Reagent of Sunny City, Headmaster of the Imperial Academy of Arcane Arts as well as the Royal Councilor for Magical Sciences, a birthday poem writing competition is to be held for all citizens of the Empire.

The criterias are as follows:

- Each poem MUST contain 4 - 8 lines

- Each line can only have NOT MORE THAN 7 words

- The submission must be done within ONE week from the date of the announcement (so the deadline is 23:00, 20.07.2018)

Best Entry will win - 10k gold! + x1.5 event multiplier*

Most Creative Entry - 5k gold + x1.2 event multiplier*

Most Hilarious Entry - 5k gold + x1.2 event multiplier*

Every participant will receive a little reward!

Judges include:

Spartak , Cyberclops , Meshy

*This quest is a part of series of quests. The event multipliers will be applied in the final part.

All latest game changes are published here. As soon as new changes in the game are implemented this article will be updated.

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All latest game changes are published here. As soon as new changes in the game are implemented this article will be updated.


It is possible to withdraw from the CG challenge now.

Details >>>

Suggestion of the initiative group.

Hiding of the clan challenges for the facility control

Details >>>

Clan Leader, Deputy, or Warlord can hide from all clan members the number of the facility control challenges now.

Suggestion of the initiative group.

The Thug Hunt (Results)

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The arena is once again packed and filled to the brim, but there are no warcries nor clashes of steel to be heard, instead the warriors are all lined up at the side of the center stage. Indeed today is the day of the prize giving ceremony and all the warriors are eagerly awaiting their turn to meet the Empress who is personally conducting the ceremony.

"Overlords" [June]

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Author: #928 omne

Translator: #997 spartak142

Good day to you my dear friends! It is time to have some fun, or well, may be get your self-confidence completely destroyed. In this article you will find the Top-20 Overlords on each level. Overlord is a character whose development is far more advanced in comparison with average stats for that level. (e.g. if an average Faction skill level on level 11 is 8 an overlord will have Faction skill level 9 or higher).

The Hunt for Tournaments’ Awards

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Cheers and shouts of encouragement vibrated throughout the arena as the multitudes of spectators showed their support for the teams that were currently engaged in a fierce and intense close quartered fight. It was already mid-way through the paired tournament and the arena was packed, especially when the more prominent teams fought each other.

Adventurer’s Guild level 9-11

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Hi everyone! After achieving second level of Adventurers’ guild I looked back and analyzed my journey. I am sure you know how frustrating it can be to lose a fight, wearing a full set of quite expensive ammunition, simply because you did not know what you were going to face. So I thought that it would be a good idea to write an article about Adventurers’ Guild, to prepare you for it’s battles and save you some nerve cells. I hope you will find it useful!

Faction skills, parameters, and players

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Author: #1209 AcademHero

Translator: #1254 sasha_ama

This article presents some statistical analysis of balanced skill levels as well as parameters obtained from guilds development with some additions.

Artifacts with the "Artifact Shop" Status

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Author:  #1499  Дарт Аньян

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This article is an instruction and an answer to the question in Q&H:
“Which artifacts count as artifacts from the Artifact Shop, and where can I get them?”This question, of course, refers to the artifacts that you cannot actually buy at the store but still count as ones.

We would like to remind you that all these artifacts are equated to rarities and, therefore, are forbidden to purchase/lease on your extra characters. Otherwise, it is fairly easy to get them at the market or, perhaps, rent from your clan/other players. As soon as new artifacts come out this article will be updated!

Potions’ and elixirs’ effects in different combats

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Author:  #4370 _Зепар_

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This article is an instruction as well as an answer to the Q&H question:

“Which effects do potions/candies/elixirs have in various types of combats?”

Benefits from the Potion of Skill

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Author of idea: #1488 Паук-призрак

Author: #1499 Дарт Аньян

Addition: #823 omne

Translators: #708 __DestroyeR__ #997 Spartak142

In this article we present gathered data regarding the faction skill level received from the Potion of skill in all types of battles at different combat levels. We also present information about faction skill level and anti-skill of AI-heroes. All data is collected from the source code of combats.