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The history of politics in HWM

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It's good to be a dictator. And how did I cope earlier?

Max Frei

Today Im going to tell you about the thing youve already known but its not customary to speak about it. What is the peculiarity of Empires politics? With what political system does it have the same features? Why militarism and dictatorship are the best ways to feel all the delights of the medieval fantasy?

Ive gone to the event

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How it all began

I was waiting for the event for a very long time. You cant improve your anti-faction skills without spending a lot of money on 13th CL. But your money wants to be spent. I wanted some changes in the game. Our community had been waiting for news for more than one month and we got Village Defence.

Faction skill level, guild parameters and combat level

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What could be better than competing in online games? Even not just in online games but for everything. This article gives you such opportunity. I would like to present you a little analysis on the dependence of combat level and faction skill level as well as guild parameters.

What can we put in backpack before fights?

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Author of the idea: #1597 mr_leon

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In September 2015 a new slot suddenly appeared in players inventory. It was a backpack. The amount of artefacts which players can put in this slot has been increasing over time and they gave new advantages. Lets analyze all artefacts which have appeared before this time (03.01.2017).

HWM Halloween history

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Good day, hero!

There is a little time before Halloween! The whole Empire changes in anticipation of this holiday: military clans stylize their icons; munchkins take a lot of coffee and surround themselves with instructions to win in the race of Squashmen; moderators of QaH are preparing for an influx of the questions in their branch of the forum. And of course all players want to know what admins have prepared this time!

The quantity of characters skill level and mobs skill level with potion of skill in WG and AG

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This article accumulates information about skill lvl which characters get on different levels with the potion of skill in WGs and AGs quests and also about skill lvl of NPC in these guilds. The information is taken from the original battles code.

Donate yes or no?

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One of the most important themes of the players after the war is gold. The first can be solved without our participation but the second cant appear itself. Where can we take it? To collect a great amount of gold takes a lot of time, while being on the third CL people want to have early up, an exquisite house, a chest with a rare set and the thief invitation and at the time the event is coming.

Interview with ULTRA_XEROX transcript, October 14, 2016

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#104 [20] : Name, age, occupation?

ULTRA_XEROX [10] : My name is Edgar. I am 26 years old. Im fond of programming.

New UCIs

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#7705 Luffy [11]

New UCIs

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New UCIs (press the images below to watch animation):

Ballack [3]