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New UCIs

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New UCIs (press the images below to watch animation):

#57AFINA [20]

New UCIs

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New UCIs (press the images below to watch animation):


Whats in your transparent backpack?

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Some long time ago, or, for someone, recently, every one of us had to pack a school backpack. In the morning, or in the evening, independently, or after a long period of parents prodding. Absentmindedly forgetting the agenda, or, purposefully, the gym clothes. By an old soviet habit, someone named their backpack a briefcase, forgetting that a briefcase is carried using only one hand, not on the back. Another person had a satchel, imitating the military and provoking the classmates to do jokes together. Everyone had their own memories. Where am I going with this, you may ask?

This. It was on September of last year. Our administration, possibly inspired by the students hurrying to school, allowed the heroes to yet again pack their backpacks. They introduced a new slot for ammunition after the Rayzars Challenge a backpack, to be more specific. Truth be told, it cannot be packed in the school meaning of this word. It can only fit in one thing and not just any thing, in fact. This article will be about the artifacts made for the newly made ammunition slot.

New UCIs

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  PonteiPilat [16]

Pontius Pilate

A new image made by Akron! )

Extensi [17]  

A new image of an ordinary knight in white!)

Click on the first image to watch animation, due to technical reasons animation on the second one is temporarily inavailable.

HWM Daily Photo Contest

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You can vote for 4 photos

Holy Magic Buffs

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As character's combat level increases, some factions get an opportunity to play as a buffer. A ”proper” buffer becomes available from levels 12-13.

The concept of being a buffer is quite simple: you have to support your allies with ”Holy spells” (buffs) increasing their combat strength and effectiveness. (In some cases you can buff your own army). To become a good buffer, 3 levels of mage's guild are required, as well as, you will have to choose appropriate talents and ammunition.

Interview with Maxim (adm.) transcript, April 18, 2016

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Mirii: Hi Maxim (adm.)!

Maxim (adm): Hello, greetings to all players and all listeners! Glad to be on the air again with you. Ask away!

So what kinds of alternative classes should we expect for each faction? Which factions will be first to get an alt class?

Survival skills

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Nowadays, a tournament known as the Survival Tournament has lost its relevance. We asked a few questions to some of the well-known masters of ST(Survival Tournament), the young and the old, to find out, why, in their opinion, ST has lost its relevance and what could be the possible solution. Maybe, this article will become a kind of a push to attract your attention to the Survival Tournament or to shine a light on a reform of the tournament.

New UCIs

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New UCIs (press the images below to watch animation):

                                    Bayonet Priest                     __

Battles for facility control. January

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The statistics show defences against Survilurgs with at least one player and PvP battles with at least one player from each side.