Почти все существа с абилкой «Элементаль» исчезают сразу после гибели. Однако в прошлом их могли поглощать ДТ при помощи центроперка.
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New Year Wordsearch "Snowy weather"

Illustrator: Чахохбили

How to operate

Left mouse button click - to add a letter to the current word
Second click on the last letter of the current word - finish the word
Left mouse button click on any letter of the current word but the last one - cancel/remove the last letter from the word*
* might not work correctly when the word spread over multiple rows
Left mouse button click in the word removal mode - removes the whole word (to toggle between addition and removal modes uncheck or check the checkbox below the wordsearch area)
When you are not creating any word clicking on any letter already used would activate the editing of the word, the letter belongs to

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