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Trick or Treat?

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The Empire was filled with Squashmen. No one could escape the sudden assassinations. Even the bravest and strongest Lords and Ladies prefered to spend this day at the Empire Capital where it was easier to avoid the attacks. The strongest warriors have gathered by a round table at the Empress palace for a brief discussion on the situation:

Thats enough!- said Algor- What are we? The mighty lords or some scared peasants who run from their own shadow?

These pumpkins are really annoying though- said Noldor. -It is really hard to fight them. They always come from nowhere, unexpected, and use it to their advantage. Even the best mages cannot foresee it coming.

Indeed- said AGRESSOR- I have to point out that their attacks are very well coordinated. Almost too well...

The thought came to Algor from nowhere:

Spies!!! They have to have spies!

Was just thinking about that myself- thoughtfully said Allsan.- Because even my magic mirrors cannot hide me from them.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have to investigate! We cannot let this humiliation happen to us over and over again! - No one noticed Stealth who suddenly appeared in his favourite manner, surprising everyone at the mighty lords and ladies who attended the meeting.

So be it! Lets play Trick or Treat with the locals, perhaps we will find something out...- AGRESSOR was already putting his armor on. The more heroes the better. Call everyone who is available and still alive! - finished Grammith- We meet again in three days and evaluate the situation


Trick or treat? Or both? This time you are the one who decides! In this Halloween event you have two ways to earn rewards with: You can choose Trick. In this case you will have to win any combat where one (or several) units will be dressed up. By dressed up we mean stacks of armies that differ from their normal appearance. The most well-known one is probably when Shrews/Rogues have rainbow hair instead of having plain hair color. In case several players will succeed in winning such a battle, we will judge but the % of army survived. The first place will receive 10000 gold, second 7000, third 5000.

If you choose Treat, then you will have to persuade our beloved AI into telling you a story. This task can be accomplish by talking to bots in combats (e.g. hunts, Watchers Guild and so on). Each player may only submit one combat, so pick the best one! Players may only speak english, but it is okay if AI replies in russian or any other language. The nominations are as follows:

1. Best Strategic advice

2. Funniest conversation

3. What a story (persuade AI to tell/teach you something about the Squashmen)

4. My next partner (get to know the AI)

Each of the nominations grants 7000 gold to the winners.

Additionally, the best three Lords who manage to defeat a Squashmen that has attacked them will receive rewards appropriate to their level. Again, only the best Squashmen fighters are considered, so top three with the highest % of survived army. You cannot use a smurf account or friends to complete this challenge.

You can only submit one combat link for trick and one for treat. Please make a note which of the nominations your combat corresponds to.

The period of the event is 31.10.18 (12:00 CET) until the 03.11.18 (23:59 CET)

Please submit the combat logs and comments in the comment section below! That way Grammith will receive your raven faster!


1 / 03.11.2018 15:56 / Meshy [17] ?
2 / 03.11.2018 16:30 / Meshy [17] ?
3 / 03.11.2018 17:39 / mellor [19] ?
Interrogation of behemoths. They told me nothing about squashman. They died!

4 / 03.11.2018 17:56 / mellor [19] ?
Dimitry the french mafia teenager. :D

5 / 04.11.2018 03:37 / MagDonald [18] ?
My "treat" battle against leprechaun monster 2 days ago:
It didn't tell me much but at least we talked.
6 / 04.11.2018 14:24 / Lord MilesTeg [17] ?
Getting bots to talk is not always easy.

Still this is my mostly monologue

7 / 08.11.2018 01:30 / spartak142 [13] ?

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