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Faction skills, parameters, and players

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Author: #1209 AcademHero

Translator: #1254 sasha_ama

This article presents some statistical analysis of balanced skill levels as well as parameters obtained from guilds development with some additions.

The artifacts having the status as artifacts from shop

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Author:  #1499  Дарт Аньян

Translator: #708__DestroyeR__ #1254 sasha_ama

The publication is an instruction and the answer to question in Q&H:
“What artifacts have the status of shop, but aren’t in shop of artifacts and where to get them?”

We remind that all these artifacts for additional characters are equated to rarities and, therefore, are forbidden to purchase/lease. But other ways to get them are quite possible. As soon as new ones emerge the publication will be supplemented!

Potions’ and elixirs’ applicability in various types of combats.

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Author:  #4370 _Зепар_

Translator: __DestroyeR__ #1254 sasha_ama

This article is the instruction as well as the answer on the Q&H question:

“Which potions/candies/elixirs would work in various types of combats?”

Value of heroes from a potion and ability of mob

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Author of idea: #1488 Паук-призрак

Author: #1499 Дарт Аньян

Addition: #823 omne

Translator: #708 __DestroyeR__

In article data on the ability received at the different levels from the Potion of skill in all fights and also on ability and antiability of heroes-mob are collected. All data on the level of abilities are obtained from the source code of fights.

Cut version of the transcript with Maxim (adm) 29.12.17

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Author: #1488 Паук-призрак

Interpreter: #5555Arrona

The full text of the transcript can be read here (only on Russian), here is the abstract analysis of the transcript:

Cut version of the transcript with Maxim (adm) 28.09.17

05.01.2018 22:15 / comments: 7 / view: 425 /

Author: #1488 Паук-призрак

Interpreter: #5555Arrona

The full text of the transcript can be read here (only on Russian), here is presented a thesis of the transcript, in which the already implemented changes (as of January 5, 2018) are marked:

The Great Experiment

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Author: #5625 phlps

1. Small biography

2. The dynamics of the event? What did you like?

3. Distribution of crystals.

4. "Generate army" button.

5. Setapes of troops, builds, counter-builds.

6. How much gold have received, what is durability of the artifact?

7. To change or improve, to remove, to add – what would you like change in this event.

8. Wishes for this tournament. Wishes for future tournaments?

9. Wishes to other heroes.

The history of politics in HWM

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Author: #1089 Писатель

Interpreter: #88 Dorck1

It's good to be a dictator. And how did I cope earlier?

Max Frei

Today I’m going to tell you about the thing you’ve already known but it’s not customary to speak about it. What is the peculiarity of Empire’s politics? With what political system does it have the same features? Why militarism and dictatorship are the best ways to feel all the delights of the «medieval» fantasy?

I’ve gone to the event

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Author: #1254 Agrael

Interpreter: #88 Dorck1

How it all began…

I was waiting for the event for a very long time. You can’t improve your anti-faction skills without spending a lot of money on 13th CL. But your money wants to be spent. I wanted some changes in the game. Our community had been waiting for news for more than one month and we got Village Defence.

Faction skill level, guild parameters and combat level

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Author: #1209 AcademHero

Interpreter: #823 align= кирюха_супер

What could be better than competing in online games? Even not just in online games but for everything. This article gives you such opportunity. I would like to present you a little analysis on the dependence of combat level and faction skill level as well as guild parameters.

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