Answers on questions from Maxim (adm)

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:  The clan proposals have been read?
Maxim (adm): They have been read, we will take them up.

: An application will be released for the game?  
Maxim (adm): We will try to release it this year.

: Will there be a magic school level 5?
Maxim (adm): Partially.

Beliar:  Transition to HTML is fully implemented?
Maxim (adm): Yes.

Beliar:  Will there be more bonus for inviting players through the invitation program?
Maxim (adm): Current bonuses are fine. Recently someone was creating accounts with bots and got blocked. If you give more bonuses, people will keep creating new multies.

Beliar: Is there Any advertisement for the project?
Maxim (adm): Contextual advertising in Google, Yandex and VK (Vk is a popular social networking site in Russia)
Beliar: And for .com?
Maxim (adm): The interface is not suitable, advertising is too unprofitable. Need an interface. We have a lot of work going on simultaneously, so release of new features is slow. Especially in .com, work progress is much slower.

: Portal of time factions will be introduced?
Maxim (adm): No, those are event only factions.

: After the introduction of the remaining alt classes, is there anything planned?
Maxim (adm): Well see. Alt-classes and factions are very difficult to introduce. Balancing is hard.

: I followed the new players in the training quest, which begins after the 3rd battle. There are hundreds of such newcomers. The fight itself has started, but it is clear that they are throwing away the fight.
Maxim (adm): Maybe you need to make it so that the player is more involved in the game before inviting him to the quest, because it is difficult.

: Campaigns are very hard for CL 3 chars without the right arts.
Maxim (adm): We can rebalance it under 3-4 levels, so that you can pass it without arts. But we need to see how much experience he gets for these battles till level 5. It's just that if he can pass with all the factions its a big advantage compared to the current players who are already playing from level 5. The battles there are difficult, even if you balance without art: the average player who has just arrived plays worse than the AI, because you need to know the principles of combat. It is necessary to rebalance, look at the statistics where they have problems, it may not be a rebalance, but just lowering the coefficient by 0.7 and in a month check again how its going.
: And it turns out that it will be necessary to change it to 0.5 or 0.4)
Maxim (adm): Perhaps)

Beliar: Will the area of ​​the facilities be increased or will there be an opportunity for players to make gold or something else so that more people can get jobs?
Maxim (adm): Why? Now there is no shortage of artifacts. It makes sense only if a new sector is made and there is new production, and new shares are issued for them.

Beliar: Now it turns out that not all facilities have shares.
Maxim (adm): It was done on purpose, so that there is no option that some artifact is not produced. All artifacts have a small area of production from the Empire. You can change the profile of the facility, the art will be in an artifact shop without production, and the Empire always has it.

Beliar: And will the shares of mining and machining facilities be distributed?
Maxim (adm): Maybe they will be distributed sometime, but now we didnt even think about it. Extraction is generally like a constant value and it is difficult to balance it (as well as processing) in order to change something. For example, there is not enough resource there, like orichalcum recently, then they simply changed the production without changing the area, the output was changed and there is enough of it. And if the players have it, something will go wrong there and a third of the artifacts will not be enough.

:  Now all the achievements in the personal achievement section are static. Is it possible to let the players control them?
Maxim (adm):This is a good idea, but there is no interface. This must be conveyed to Alexander. In theory, you need to start with hiding, and then further. The main problem is where to embed it?
Beliar: Possible to add it to the art?
Maxim (adm): Yes, our interface is already overloaded, everything is stuck. But I made a note about it.

: Is a rental market possible between players to lease arts?
Maxim (adm): Too easy for players to make money without doing anything. I liked the idea of clans collecting Imperial / darkness and renting it out to their members. Not all players can afford to enchant these artifacts. Now if you want to get top ranks in an event, there is simply nowhere to rent anything like that. Let the clans hand it over for some, but that would be an opportunity. Alexander and I discussed about enabling clans to collect artifact parts from their members, whether they wanna pay for it can be left to them. Usually, players who do all the events have about 40 extra parts after assembling their own art.
Beliar: I had to collect two parts of the diadem and I thought: why do I need it? And sold the parts)

: As a representative of a clan that fights for the top 50 in an event: Even though the clan's assets are not large, we are still a collective group of people and we do not make it to the top 50 and this reduces the morale of those who are active. Are there any rewards possible for clans with lines below 50?
Maxim (adm): Are there any clans that are directly active?
: Yes, we exist!
Beliar: Not everyone plays as a whole, and many do not pass the waves completely.
Maxim (adm):We have to look. We saw that there were just 50 active clans, the rest were just that.
:Even though clans beyond rank 50 have minimal activity, giving them rewards might boost the redundant players to take events seriously and also benefit the active members in that clan.
Maxim (adm): I wrote it down, we'll see. Can push the reward.

: PvP seasons? Omne has already tried in this direction.
Maxim (adm):Yes, it has to be done. I do not disregard PvP. I agree that something needs to be done there, the rewards must be increased. The main problem of PvP: chances of winning is 50% you can't do anything about it unless you give a bot instead of a player, like the great experiment, a paired tournament of a new format, and then that's it. For players, 50% of defeats is not a good result.

Beliar: Are you planning to make mirror of change available in the artifact shop?
Maxim (adm): Not yet. We will launch the event if it becomes expensive.
: Now, for example, it is not cheap)
Maxim (adm): The event was conducted recently.
: Nobody leases it cheaply. This is one of the most expensive pieces of art.
Maxim (adm): So far, the minimum interval between the same events is 5 months. We had only a 2 months gap between tribal path and Portal of Time as this event was a one- timer.

: More variety of bonus days?
Maxim (adm): Collect ideas.
: We will start collecting.

: Lower the minimum level for PvP? They only have group battles and duels. A new player who likes PvP goes there, but sooner or later he realizes that he needs to improve the stats / guilds, and he has already picked up a lot of experience.
Maxim (adm): The CL threshold for entering CG should be reduced to 5. It will be very good for the balance, keep statistics, now it is balancing on the CG only from the 9th level. And blocking the chuckle with low levels is also useful for mixed fights, sometimes it works.

: The 2010 Magic Wand is an indescribable artifact. Is it possible to give the opportunity to place it in the house? There were a few players who built houses cleanly to put this art there, but it turned out to be impossible.
Beliar: You can even put up a mazurka with mana)
Maxim (adm): Why put it in a house?
: So the house is also an exhibition of player collections.
Maxim (adm): I 'll see.

: Guild of Alchemists. Is it feasible?
Maxim (adm): Possible, but so I don't see much sense.
Beliar: We will be able to brew potions which give us stats.
Maxim (adm): Well, there will be a bunch of these potions for next to nothing. Almost everyone will construct it and flood the entire market with potions. It will definitely not pay off. As repairs are pumped at a loss, the same will happen.

Beliar: (passed on secret proposals to moderate the forum)
Maxim (adm): (received secret proposals to moderate the forum)

: Is it possible to diversify the clan defenses with creatures from the LEG? i.e, defend with a set of LEG creatures. We can alternate them: one week defend with an ordinary army, the next week defend with LEG army.
Maxim (adm): Why?
: It would be diverse and fun.
Maxim (adm): Clanwar creatures from GL ... Something needs to be changed definitely.

: Testing ground for creatures. Is it possible to test some creatures and armies?
Maxim (adm): Few people need it. That's how I got a creature for LEG - take it and go into battle, test it.
: Is it possible to add autobattle to Abu Bakirs Charm?
Maxim (adm): No.
: Cheap?
Maxim (adm):Yes. The system of auto battles itself needs to be reworked. It works in a script version. Maybe we should give it for a certain number and types of battles for some days. This is currently not possible. Also, players do not understand the mechanism of transition to auto battle. It is necessary to redo this and then we can talk about adding it to  Abu Bakirs Charm.
Beliar: Can the icon be changed ? For a mirror, one, and for an ordinary one, another.
Maxim (adm): It is clear that the picture needs to be changed, but in order for it to work, everything needs to be changed in scripts.

: Can you move the auto-battle button? If you go to a WG battle with a mirror after the battle is loaded, you move the mouse to the upper right corner and click on auto, the army is settled, and at the time you have already moved the mouse to the upper left corner and are ready to click autobattle at once, but at the time of loading, the button "surrender" appears.
Maxim (adm): I made a note.

: Those who have reached CL 23 have nothing much to do. Can you introduce new levels?
Maxim (adm): We need more people in those CLs. It makes little sense to introduce new levels,  since it is more difficult for them to find entertainment in the events and tournaments.
: Promote players to new CL after the completion of the tournament. For example, a player who is supposed to be in CL 17  fights with CL 16 players.
Maxim (adm): If we change this, then this player might complain that he had just one more fight to complete the tournament, now he has to do it all over from the beginning.
Beliar: He will clarify this on last day of tournament)
Maxim (adm): He can only do it for  one tournament. It's not that scary.

: Donors want more guild points from the chest of abundance, they feel they should have an advantage.
Maxim (adm):Why did they decide that? There is a skill there. Guild points are nothing.

: I would like to address on behalf of the entire female section. Attracting women to the game can be done at least by updating the gifts in the gifts section. These diamond pendants, butterflies, it's all cool, but many already have more than one set and would like to update.
Maxim (adm): Collect ideas and pass them through Dally. But I dont understand at all how girls play heroic strategy)
: They play great!) I like the thieves guild, LEG is also nothing.
Mirella: And I take away fun, but for some reason I am not in the credits.
: Oops.

:  The rules state that gifts made before the donor was blocked or with the reason of the leaving the game are forbidden. This rule can be corrected, lets say a character gave a gift in September, and in December he left should these gifts be sent to the Empire?
Beliar and Maxim (adm) (at the same time): No.
Maxim (adm): Gifts are removed, if it is sent before blocking. The essence of this rule is that the player leaving the game can sell the character and his property for real money or simply scatter his property against the rules, so these gifts are withdrawn so that everything is within the framework of the rules.
Beliar: And if the one who received the gift and did not know about the donor's plans?
Maxim (adm): He can return to the Empire.

: New Year's sets of artifacts and other artifacts like spring ring and bouquet, we liked it.
Maxim (adm): Do you mean the arts we issued once a year?
: I would like to put all this in the artifact shop. Can you give spring ring again?
Maxim (adm): Not possible, people are prepared to pay large sums for it. We can make new arts, discuss your ideas with comrades and let us know.

Beliar: We have a New Year's hat for the game, we have a spring ring and maybe you can make hats for the rest of the year?
Maxim (adm): A different hat is being prepared, completely different for the PC. And we will make it for new players, and for old ones there will be a separate button old / new header.

Beliar: Why cant we just check a box instead of captcha for enrolling?
Maxim (adm): Yes, it is possible, but only captcha is capable of detecting bots. Currently, we are working on an application which will send notifications when its time to enroll.

Beliar: And make a notification about the art that came for repair?
Maxim (adm): Well, yes its possible.

: Possible to introduce 4th difficulty level in campaigns?
Maxim (adm): This would be overwhelming.
: Well, it should be playable with enchants.
Beliar: It's not very cheap for a fight.
Maxim (adm):But it will be easier to win with enchants.
Beliar: Strengthen the battles?
Maxim (adm): We do battles there as in the event: they balance in the state (and for craft events in the state craft), and the empires are greatly superior. Especially if the imperials are worn by the 5th level.
: But not everyone has imperials. Not all of them. Or will you again get a caste of players who took them and passed, and the rest are indignant?
Maxim (adm): Well yes.

Beliar: Will there be a continuation of the promotional set? Now there is a sword of cold, ring, shield, armor, etc.
Maxim (adm): There wont be a complete set. I look and add those artifacts that are expensive on the market in order to reduce the price. I also ensure that there is no repetition from the last offer. If all the arts drop in price, then we will introduce new arts. But currently, I see no need for such a set, it will make battles expensive on the contrary.
Beliar: It is much easier to fight 3promotional arts)
Maxim (adm): The difference is not big. At some levels, the shop armor is 1 stat inferior.
Beliar: But when the effects stack up, it has a huge impact.
Maxim (adm): I'm trying to prevent this from happening. There was a mistake with the Ring of Cold, that it is too steep compared to the store. Had to add an alternative. The rest of the artifacts there, armor / shield, are not much superior. There is no goal of making players who deposit real money to have an edge. On the contrary, the goal is for everyone to be in the same conditions.

: High levels do not have much shop arts, level 22-23 does not have anything
Maxim (adm): It will be necessary to add. We will add, stats will be similar to promotional arts.

: No more lotteries? You buy a ticket and maybe you win something.
Maxim (adm): I dislike it - everyone participates, and few people get the prize.

: The player accumulates 50k Leadership on the red creatures, will the exchange button appear?
Maxim (adm):   No.
: Is this the limit?
Maxim (adm): There are creatures in base for the next level, but there is no exchange button. They are imbalanced creatures which are not suitable for LEG.
: For example? Magic dragons?
Maxim (adm): Including them, any creature with too much health.

oOoArchAngeloOo: What's going on here? An interview?
: More like a conversation)
oOoArchAngeloOo: Yes? Well then (that's when the secret moderation offers are passed)
Maxim (adm):(accepted secret proposals for moderation)

oOoArchAngeloOo: But there are clans in the game with beautiful numbers and are called "Reserves", why can't they be allowed to the players?
Maxim (adm): We once had an auction.
oOoArchAngeloOo: Yes, but for a long time)
Maxim (adm): Its just for fancy purposes, who needs them?
oOoArchAngeloOo: I wanted 6666 for myself) I waited at the moment of registration 6665, sent an application and 6666 went to the reserve)
: For beautiful numbers now, there will probably be a battle stronger than the one that was.

Maxim (adm): There will be a fight for it, but someone will get it.

: Would it be possible to make army sets in LEG?

Maxim (adm): We will look into it.

oOoArchAngeloOo: When we are in a hurry for an event and need broken arts repaired urgently, we get scammed by low level smiths who take the full fee and repair the art for low %. Is it possible to introduce a feature to avoid this?

Maxim (adm): That is, at the time of transferring the art, you need a display for how much the blacksmith can repair. Ok, noted.

oOoArchAngeloOo: Another inconvenience is the inability to purchase a large number of potions at once. After purchasing once, we need to scroll down to the relevant section to buy again.

: Yes! This is very annoying!

Maxim (adm): Got it.

oOoArchAngeloOo: There is a situation in paired events: players team up with someone who already has accumulated many event points. For example, there is a player who goes forward along the waves, and there are those who are lower in waves: they go first to the 5th wave, then immediately to the 10th, and so this repeats with others who are on the 5th. Now, this person has 3 won battles and is already on the 15th wave and clan score gets a tremendous boost.

Maxim (adm): I am aware of this tactic.

oOoArchAngeloOo: Was this intended?

Maxim (adm): No, but we have decided to allow it. This may give a good start , but it is not a huge advantage.

oOoArchAngeloOo: This is a very big advantage. Maybe you can limit the number of waves on which you can take a partner. Now if a person, for example, is on the 14th wave, he can take a person on a 6th or 5th wave, right?

Maxim (adm): Yes.

oOoArchAngeloOo: One solution might be to restrict the entry to higher levels until a certain number of waves have been played. For example, open waves 10-15 after a certain number of wins.

raTaHoa: This is not always good as sometimes, for example, you are already passing the 20th wave and you have clan members who cannot find a teammate in the clan. They started late and they just need to get through it quickly.

oOoArchAngeloOo: CL 20 will drag CL 16 to high score.

raTaHoa: You can just drag him through just these 10th, 15th, etc. waves so he finds partners easily despite a late start.

Maxim (adm): This may give you a start, but it is not guaranteed that it will give you an advantage in the event. They may help you, say, to the 30th wave, but you will not have enough army strength for clearing the 30th wave. It just makes sense to go along with it ... This is a feature of these paired events, which rarely take place.

oOoArchAngeloOo: Okay.

raTaHoa: By the way, while talking about the portal of time: will a new faction of the past be introduced for events?

Maxim (adm): Most likely someday.

:  Can you make it so that with any LEG level up, for example, LEG 10 - we are allowed to choose the creatures we desire from a list.

Maxim (adm): Of course not!

: Will there be an alt class of tribals?

Maxim (adm): I thought about it today. I liked the idea of their troops' spirit not reducing damage. It would work differently.

raTaHoa: And what skill will he have? I think it would be better to remove the ability to dampen the damage with spirit, and make a new one, something like "blood rage", which would increase the damage dealt with spirit. They will be more fragile than the main class.

Maxim (adm): If we make it so that spirit does not absorb damage, the faction is more attacking.

: Will there be a 3rd round of Imperial arts issue?

Maxim (adm): We will continue to issue parts of imperial and darkness arts in almost every event.

: What about the possibility of exchanging an artifact part for other artifact parts? I mean changing a ring part to a dagger part, or make a "universal part" of artifacts so that we can decide where to add it ourselves.

Maxim (adm): This does not make much sense. If you need a certain part - go buy it on the market. The bottom line is that if some parts are too expensive, we just issue them through events.

: So it will continue like this?

Maxim (adm): For now, yes. The bottom line is that these sets are alternatives to each other. That is, if someone did not assemble one of the sets, they could assemble the next one.

: Now, as I understand it, people monitor each other in minor tournaments.

Maxim (adm): Let them monitor, what's the problem?

: Can you enable transfer of diamonds between players?

Maxim (adm): No.

: Why?

Maxim (adm): This lowers the value of diamonds.

: It turns out that at the top of the list are those who bought an estate earlier, who got a smaller ID. Is it possible to somehow change this system, because there is no way for those who are building them now to get to the top of the list and make any income.

Maxim (adm): Noted, we'll see.

: Will there be wars?

Maxim (adm): What wars in particular?

: Old wars, it would be possible with the opening of a new sector.

Maxim (adm): War is just an event, without restrictions and with high awards which few people receive.

raTaHoa: Some sectors are rented by holding MCs to other MCs for gold.

Maxim (adm): We are aware of this issue.

oOoArchAngeloOo: Cant you catch them when the gold is transferred?

Maxim (adm): It's not a problem with gold, the bigger problem is that certain clans hold some sectors and allow this.

oOoArchAngeloOo: Hire mercenaries in the imperials, pay them to go to new sectors)

Maxim (adm): In general, all sectors belong to the Empire, not to clans).

:  There are a lot of MCs who would like at least one enterprise. And people there would be more active in playing, donating something, taking some part. And so he joined the clan, there is a badge, ok, but there are no enterprises and the prospect that they will have one is very small. And that's all. Some wont have any interest in clan wars. So, at least one unfortunate clan exists.

Maxim (adm): Well, there are not enough sectors for each clan.

: Not all clans want, but those who want, they are unable to get them.

Maxim (adm): Can't they capture from another clan?

: If they capture, they might receive a threat.

raTaHoa: There is an agreement between the top clans to decide which lands belong to whom. We barely conquered 4 sectors with a huge battle, they are generally not very profitable , but we had to fight for them ...

: People want an enterprise in their clans.

raTaHoa: Yes, although it doesnt generate profit.

raTaHoa: There is this situation: for example, a CL 21 can enter and fight against CL 14-16 . But the defenders will be helpless against this guy. No matter how well they dress, they simply cannot beat him. This is not an ideal situation.

Maxim(adm): The top clan needs players of the same CL, there are limitations indeed.

: The war has been going on for a long time, its not a war anymore.

raTaHoa: One has ended, the other has already begun.

: And there are mercenaries running around. They are pumping CG by shifting from clan to clan.

Maxim (adm): We are aware of this situation.

: There has been no pay increase for 5 years!

oOoArchAngeloOo: And art prices are increasing!

Maxim (adm): Inflation? The prices of shop arts are the same in the artifact shop.

oOoArchAngeloOo: And donations? Always different.

Maxim (adm): Donations are getting cheaper.

: Again, I want to push the idea of ​​war. Lets call it event war.

Maxim (adm): For what? For clans to seize the territory?

: Basically anything. Players just want this format.

Maxim (adm): Ok, we will consider it.

: Again and again, the most frequent question / request in every letter is about the breaks in the events. It seems that there is not enough gap between the events.

Maxim (adm): It is not necessary to participate. What is the problem?

: They miss out on achievements and awards.

raTaHoa: We want to collect the set completely and for this we have to participate in all the events. Maybe we could collect parts from 2 events, and skip the third, but this is possible only for top players. The average player barely gets 40 parts per event.

: I tried to play and only collected the helmet of darkness during all this time.

: And I got only a ring.

Maxim (adm): You see, it means you don't need these arts)

: We would like an alternate event while the tournament is running.

Maxim (adm): We alternate them like PvP, then 4-5 PvE events .

: There is still work, but I want to collect the parts and play.

Maxim (adm): Events support online players and keep new players in the game. If we do not start events, online activity will fall.

: Is it possible to make paired MG quests?

Maxim (adm): Why?

: We have paired hunts.

oOoArchAngeloOo: We have paired ambushes too.

: So it is quite logical now to pair MG quests.

Maxim (adm): It is not ideal to make paired MG quests.

Beliar: A Thieves vs. Rangers event?

Maxim (adm): There will be more thieves than rangers.

: It was a cool event, 80 TG points from that alone)

oOoArchAngeloOo: Which is the only event to give that much)

Maxim (adm): Many do not remember what kind of event you are talking about)

: Remove the pharaohs - remove the pharaohs!)))

: If you dont like the faction, dont play it.

* All *: Cool faction!

: Alt class of pharaohs?

Maxim (adm): Have to start working on the theory.

: What are you planning next? Alt tribal?

Maxim (adm): Yes.

raTaHoa: Are you planning to introduce any other factions?

Maxim (adm): Will need to do it someday. A new faction is definitely not needed at this stage, maybe in a few years.

: Is it possible to introduce buildings such as the "Town Hall", which gives 500 gold per day. But, most likely, it will be too much. At least once a week, like a stock.

Maxim (adm): It might be easier to buy shares - that will be like the Town Hall. How much does the share bring per day?

raTaHoa: I have one share that yields 500 gold a week.

Maxim (adm):  Let's say it costs 300,000 - this Town Hall. It cannot be cheaper than a stock.

: This question has already been asked before- addition of unique enemy factions in TG. Is it possible?

Maxim (adm): First, TG needs to be redone. We have an idea for structuring TG like LEG, where a new task is available every 3 hours. We are considering making TG similar to that, that is, with a countdown. And use of TG potion would reduce the countdown. We have already designed new builds and other changes, we will implement them soon.

: Will there be a cleaning of the bot users?

Maxim (adm): There will be a surprise cleaning operation.

: When items are bought out in a second, that's suspicious.

oOoArchAngeloOo: Not only elements, someone accidentally put up art worth 300,000 for 30k. Naturally, it got sold in a few seconds, and the buyer did not reply to the mail, instead sent the art to the Empire.

: There are lot of failsafes to prevent this.

oOoArchAngeloOo: Do you remember the point that all the agreements between the characters are between each other, all their rollback obligations are between themselves. If you were deceived, then you were deceived. Rollbacks are now illegal.

Maxim (adm): The number of such operations per month should be limited, like restrictions on gifting others.

: Is it possible to somehow reference additional chars to the main char in the player info page?

Maxim (adm): I think Alexander (adm) will be against it.

: Why?

Maxim (adm): Implementing this would be cumbersome.

: Yes, but any RPG game has at least 90 setting buttons.

: There are no shop amulets which give morale except for the dragongrin charm which is available only from CL 17. Is it possible to introduce such an art for lower CLs?

Maxim (adm): Introducing such an art would create an imbalance.

: Is it possible to make the discard button in tavern games bigger?

Maxim (adm): I have changed it. The size of the button looks the same, but the clickable area has become larger by 2 times.

oOoArchAngeloOo: Why are there so many bugs in events?

Maxim (adm): Most of the bugs come up in the last levels of the event, which miss the tests.

: Especially the 60th wave)

General laughter

Maxim (adm): This kind of bullshit happened with the 60th wave. There was some kind of bug.

: The enemy numbers were not 4-digit, but 6-digit.

Maxim (adm): Yes, there, in general, enemy stats got messed up. Casters either had too less or too much mana.

oOoArchAngeloOo: Anyway, did it get resolved?

Maxim (adm): Yes, we had resolved the bug, but for some reason, there was no rebalancing which resulted in insane enemy stacks.

: Can you raise the minimum AP points for CG, say by 10? Many people enter with bad arts.

Maxim (adm): If this change gets implemented, people will complain that they wear such arts because it has some perks they find useful or that it is economically unviable.

raTaHoa: By the way, another question: is it possible to add an additional filter in the application for group battles, to indicate the AP range?

Maxim (adm): Got the essence. It's just that these group battles, they are not popular now because of CG. If you want to test something, you can create a clan application.

: Can we expect blindfold battles?

Maxim (adm): We have almost designed it in CG, pending implementation. Are you talking about the tournament?

: Yes.

Maxim (adm): We will make the arena available once a day, the players nicknames won't be displayed.

raTaHoa: We found some faction skills and abilities without icons...

Maxim (adm): There are no references to them, so no use of icons.

: Will there be an Imperial staff?

oOoArchAngeloOo: Imperial Magic set?

Maxim (adm): If magicians become dominant in this set, it would be unfair.

raTaHoa: For levels higher than 23, will they have new buildings like citadel?

Maxim (adm): It makes no sense to add such buildings. This will increase the inequality. Let's say we increase the army by 24-25%. It would be insane.

raTaHoa: Until we reach CL 30, this will not happen?

Maxim (adm): In general, this makes sense. Smooth growth is better than sharp growth. When a citadel, for example, appears - there is a sharp increase in the army.

: Can you release events with no restriction on arts but modifiers arent allowed?

Maxim (adm): No, campaigns in AG need to be done more.

: Good. Can we expect AG 4?

Maxim (adm): Not for now.

raTaHoa: There was also a question about RG: are there any plans to introduce higher levels? Are there enough players now who have reached the maximum level?

Maxim (adm): Didn't look into it. We will do it if needed.

raTaHoa: Another thing, related to Smith's guild: to find out the remaining time for the repair to finish, you need to go to the blacksmith. Is it possible to display this information directly to art?
Maxim (adm):It is unlikely that it will work, because in general there will be re-designing of the inventory. On the contrary, we are planning to minimize information there. That is, adding icons there, to hover upon and check. But the bottom line is that the inventory will not have a lot of information as text , but, on the contrary, the list of pictures will be more suited. It seems to me that the inventory is already overloaded with all sorts of sets, tabs. I'm doing something different with inventory now, it's so overloaded. It's already very difficult to simplify.

: A question about chests: is it possible to relate chests with star tabs in inventory, since there is not enough space?
: Yellow star - one chest. The blue star is another chest.
Maxim (adm):This is how people lose artifacts in chests. And they will also lose them in stars. In general, I need to redo the inventory, and then think about what can be done there.

: The next question is about the clan smiths. And specifically about the possibility of a turn of repair.
PoRoSeNoK147: There are a lot of events and the blacksmiths have a lot of work!
Maxim (adm): There is also some kind of button to be repaired instantly, no?
oOoArchAngeloOo: This is for diamonds.
PoRoSeNoK147: If someone uses diamonds. Or you raise the time left percentage. About 0.25 hour is worth doing with gold. There you can just catch up with percentages - these are empires.
PoRoSeNoK147: After the events there is a really huge queue. And all the smiths have to work silently on their own.
Maxim (adm): I will ask Alexander, but I think he will not want to do it.I will convey this however. I don't know how the smith works there. That is, we take an artifact - click edit. We take another art - press edit and it gets in line? In theory, you just edit it and it gets in line. Is that?
PoRoSeNoK147: Yes.
Maxim (adm): Well, let's see.

: Anti to anti thief. Is this possible? That is, a person has an anti-thief, and a thief bought himself an anti-anti-thief)
: And then he bought an anti-anti-thief))))
Maxim (adm): So, it seems that there is no special PVP there. Unlikely)

oOoArchAngeloOo: Are you planning to increase the clan stat bonus?
Maxim (adm): No, those give enough bonuses already. Anymore might provide a serious advantage to clan members, which I am against for.

_ Regarding the Survilurgs. Will there be any changes?
raTaHoa: Or maybe instead of Survilurgs, make dungeons like events.
Maxim (adm): Let's say there is some kind of dungeon where we walk, hit someone, then hit someone else and someone else. For the first few months there may be some variety. As a result, if you do not change it in a month, then everyone will get bored with it, again.
: To be honest, everyone is tired of the Survilurgs for a long time.
Maxim (adm): I agree.
raTaHoa: And if you can bind the clans to locations. For example, some clans have territory in some place.If they want facilities from some other locations, current one will be given to someone else and then they can seize the next facility. Alternatively, stagnation can be diluted.
Maxim (adm): It won't dilute anything. If you don't get big profits from the current facility, and you can't get a new one, then why should you change this monotonous facility to another monotonous one?

_ Are you planning to expand the bonuses of Abu-Bakir charm?
Maxim (adm): What's there to expand?
_ More bonuses for those who spend more on Abu-Bakir. For example, for 50 diamonds it can give an additional bonus.
Maxim (adm): Why?
_More goodies.
Maxim (adm): There are all sorts of guild potions in the artifact shop.
_ Those potions are applicable nowhere else.
Maxim (adm): What other goodies then?
_ For example, adding an automatic mirror.
Maxim (adm): We have already said about the mirror that we need to redo it first.
_ Can make it more expensive, where it will be embedded.
Maxim (adm): You can spam many fights into this then.
_ Or for a little fight. Because I want to put money into the game, and for me diamonds are not useful anywhere else.
Maxim (adm): It's better to figure out what to do with them so that it doesn't affect the balance.

:Again, they ask playing clan defenses with creatures from the LEG.
Maxim (adm):: And they are not asking to fight clan wars with creatures from LEG?

: How does distribution work in mixed tournaments? There are many issues of imbalance in levels. For example, 19th was against 14, 13 and 12.
: Does the weight depend on the character?
Maxim (adm):No.
: That character may be both pumped and under-pumped, still they have the same weight?
Maxim (adm): Yes.

Pagan of Dark:They complain that we don't have PVP events. There were competitions between griffins and manticores, a competition between light and darkness. There is a proposal: As we now have a clan rating, you can collect general ratings for the last clan events of all clans, at least a hundred. Then, introduce new competition with griffin and manticore, but without choice to select sides. It is the clans, not the players, that are distributed among them. Clans in the first and fourth place - to griffins, and second, third - to manticores. And thus, they spread out into two equal forces.
Maxim (adm): But what about the fact that players from the clan can move?
Pagan of Dark:This is a separate topic. I believe that if a clan event begins, there should be restrictions on leaving the clan. A clan should be a stable structure. If a clan is preparing for a war, it must recruit players in advance.
raTaHoa: Many players ask to join clans when events begin. They want to participate, they want to join the clan.
Maxim (adm): This is bad for developing clans. There are players who see that the clan is recruiting. That player tries his best at the event, but couldnt  be taken to the top clan - Ukraine and the Titans. So he joins the top20 clan.  It is clear that clans that are in the top three can sell spots for gold. You can pay, join a clan, get a prize for the first place, for example.
Pagan of Dark:Regarding clan events: firstly, 10 places. Let's say that the first three places do not give 10,9,8 cyclops shamans, but rather different epics. For the first place some, for the second others, etc.
Maxim (adm): No one knows which Epic is better.
Pagan of Dark: Let them think what place to take.
Maxim (adm): How to think? Here you always fight for the first.
Pagan of Dark: It's not interesting for us in the Valley of Mages [#41] to fight for the third place, because the fourth one gives a better set.
Maxim (adm): Your clan is unlikely to be able to fight for the first three places)
Pagan of Dark: We took the third and that gave me a yellow creature. But they are good in manual LeG... They cannot be played on auto at all.
Maxim (adm): They are less versatile. Not every creature is for automatic combat in LeG. It's clear business.
Pagan of Dark: And in next events introduce epics for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th place to tenth. And then rare ones, give from 11-20 from 21-30, so that small clans also receive good sets. And they dont bother with much competition.
Maxim (adm): On the contrary, it is necessary to bother with competition. If I introduce different creatures every event, then the creatures will simply end and will repeat. Creatures from factions have gone already, neutrals left.
Pagan of Dark: For first place, you introduce a new creature. For the second some epic creature that has already been dropped. And for third place, a creature that has already dropped out four times.
Maxim (adm):It is not right. If we repeat for the second place, especially for the third, then this leads to a mythical creature. The repeated Epics is accumulated for the mythical. Why is this needed? On the contrary, it is necessary to save up for the mythical so that there are few of them. So that everyone has it. To be good they need to be played, and if they are not played, then it is not known what they are.
raTaHoa: We still need to get them.
Maxim (adm): In a few years, many will have mythical ones and will play them. They will be adjusted.

raTaHoa: Likes on the forum are being requested. So that ideas and proposals can be voted.
Maxim (adm): And dislikes? No dislikes?
: No dislikes.
: Just like. If you don't like it, don't mark it at all. The negativity is already enough.
Maxim (adm): Dislike is easy to set if you don't have one. You reply to the message and write "dislike this message, if you agree, then like it".
: But at least make some likes. They are needed on the forum.

Pagan of Dark: Can't you teach AI to go around firewalls?
Maxim (adm): This is more complicated.
Pagan of Dark: The AI climbs into this firewall, and also gets up on it.
Maxim (adm):Yes, there is some kind of bug with firewalls. There are algorithms there that make sure that if you go on a firewall - you get certain damage, you don't have to go till the extreme end. But for some reason they don't work.

Pagan of Dark: Why, if there are two walls, damage is not counted?
Maxim (adm): Because it cannot be summed up. There is a wall and after half a move its action ends. I want to rearrange it, but the damage is slightly less. I put it as a hero, I rearrange it as a dwarf. You cannot sum them up - this is completely cheating.
raTaHoa: Don't stack , just don't change powerful damage.
Maxim (adm):I also speak. There is more powerful damage. Let's say 100 damage. It ends after half a move. I have a unit, it has 90 damage. What to do with the wall?
Pagan of Dark:: Stand up as a unit and take 190 damage.
Maxim (adm): No, you cannot generalize. The wall can be crossed with three moves too.

raTaHoa: In regard to the same question, Darkness Demons have talent where the hero can cast weakness on units with normal hit. It becomes unnecessary because it overrides already existing weaknesses. That is, he can inflict weakness much more than the talent does. Talent puts in three, and he put in 12. And the units, in any case, will inflict. They replace 12 with 3.
Maxim (adm): This is a difficult topic. It gets superimposed on different blows.

raTaHoa: With poisoning, if stronger poison is inflicted it gets active, if weaker, then it does not convert to weaker damage.
Maxim (adm): But this is poisoning. All sorts of curses are superimposed in different ways. One when hitting, one when casting, the third somehow.

Pagan of Dark: Egyptian women with the head of a lioness who leave a trail of fire behind them, what do they need mana for? They have mana, but they don't cast.
Maxim (adm): This is most likely a bug in the database. Just not removed. This is most likely a copy of the priestesses.

raTaHoa: More than once there has been a discussion about which units belong to pharaohs , and which to the robbers. They are all mixed now.
Pagan of Dark:There are game pharaohs, and there are non-game pharaohs, but there are border units and they cannot be attributed to either of the pharaohs or the robbers.
Maxim (adm): This is why I do events, decide which units to add / remove.
raTaHoa: Here's to get information for reference, where to assign them?
Maxim (adm): They have zero faction
raTaHoa: They were also called Pharaohs of the Eclipse
Maxim (adm): I dont put all units to the robbers. I put crocodiles. I put camels somewhere, somewhere I do not. For Thieves every time. In general, these are "robbers of the Egyptians", but they may or may not be with robbers.
raTaHoa: So this is one faction after all?
Maxim (adm):The robbers are not a faction, but so) For example, deserters - can be attributed to robbers of the knights

raTaHoa: By the way, the mechanics faction - are they planned as a full-fledged playable faction?
Maxim (adm): Not planned, they are more for events.

: Is it possible to increase the area of ​​pressing the private message button? You can normally get into it from the phone only by enlarging the screen.
Maxim (adm): What if you want to get on the character, and not in message.
Pagan of Dark: Blacklist everyone and don't worry)

: Artifact Fair. The bottom line is that there are artifacts from events that, as it were, will not appear more, but why not introduce them on a new one through a certain fair?
Pagan of Dark: Or repeat the same 2015 event with the Survilurg black market.
: This also had one of the best reviews!
Maxim (adm): It's better because the market was there.
: Yes, the reward system itself was very cool, maybe something like that?
Maxim (adm): The difficulty is in the quantity, lot of art was delivered in one event.
Pagan of Dark: Even if the arts are same, they can just do an event mechanically different.
Maxim (adm): Mechanically, there were survilurg caravans, but now the event with robbers is the same, only more balanced.

Pagan of Dark:By artifacts. There are old sets of rare artifacts that were remade for factions from the 14th level. And there are sets of amphibians, inquisitors which were left without attention. There are incomplete sets, many have no rings, for example. And let's say you enter a complete set and at the same time upgrade them by adding some kind of bonus. Can such sets become more relevant?
Maxim (adm): Actually it is a little wrong to add a ring to some sets. It will be in units and it should be no worse than the imperial one.
Pagan of Dark: Can these arts, for example, be introduced in the form of rewards as part of the portal event?
Maxim (adm): This is too strong. Each artifact will cost 300k gold and for whom should they be introduced?
Pagan of Dark:We can have them as a reward now: an event takes place ...
Maxim (adm): I know how they are issued, everything is counted there, and the top 100 almost always pays off.
Pagan of Dark: Not about payback, but about the very introduction of these artifacts.
Maxim (adm): It makes little sense to introduce it as a whole, since there are Imperials that everyone can collect if they wish, it is clear that not everyone can enchant. And here a very limited circle will turn out. The fact that the sets are not complete - this is their uniqueness, they can also be mixed with other sets, with the same imperial / darkness.

raTaHoa: Is it possible to remove enchants from artifacts with some kind of commission of elements? There is enchanted art - un-enchant it and get some of the elements back.
Maxim (adm):So the artifact can be broken.Enchanted,used, removed the elements.
Pagan of Dark: And let's say from some high level of the smith, the ability to remove at least 10% of the elements.
Maxim (adm): And everyone will turn to this smith and eventually the value balance will drop.

PoRoSeNoK147: Once there was an event for which there were awards of random enchant modifier. Will there be a repetition?
Maxim (adm): I don't promise)
PoRoSeNoK147: It was very interesting in terms of randomness, because it did not fall for all victories, and in terms of the essence of the reward.
Maxim (adm):Items have risen in price after this event for a while. Plus, again, the MG be will be stopped playing and everyone waits for such an event to enchant.
_ The average level of players is growing and on the higher levels the MG is not balanced very much.
Maxim (adm): Added the same creatures, new tasks. Now, yes, the elements of MG are more expensive, but again this is a plus for beginners that they can earn extra money.

Pagan of Dark: For PvP events, Manticore and Griffin competitions are very rare. PvP players would be very happy.
Maxim (adm): There is a problem with PvP that the percentage of victories is around 50 and you can't do much more, and this is the problem
Pagan of Dark: I had 3 victories and 9 defeats
Maxim (adm):So this is the problem. If a player has less than 90% of victories, he is sad)

Pagan of Dark: Clan events at least once.
_ Yes, for the LeG clan events, at this time there is a lot of work in progress: for example, with the troops collection, many people may simply not read the clan mails, so you need to personally contact and find out what the person's circumstances are.
Maxim (adm): Reduce clan seats?
_ The reduction of clan seats increased its value and seats are now being more appreciated. Or at least for some events.

: There will be no questions about balancing different factions at different levels. There are a number of "useless" skills and abilities.
Maxim (adm):The story about skills is simple: if we change them, then a lot of things change. If we make unused skills usable, then it is not known in the end which build will turn out: better or worse. Accordingly, the balance for these builds will be needed. But we already have a variety, one faction has several builds ,talents, etc. A bunch of factions, a bunch of alts, it's basically impossible to balance.

_ Is it possible to implement gift restriction at certain levels programmatically?
Maxim (adm): It's impossible. The methods can be different: gifts, trade, clan rewards and others, plus a time interval of 30 days - how to programmatically understand this?
:Are new types of games possible in the tavern? Poker?
PoRoSeNoK147: Backgammon!
Pagan of Dark: Dominoes!
Maxim (adm): It makes little sense, there are specialized sites for such games.

: There is a conspiracy theory that those who exchange diamonds for gold have some advantage in the cards.
Maxim (adm): There is absolutely nothing like that in the cards. Just random.
: Purely psychological and statistical factors?
Maxim (adm):   Nothing at all. This is the same conspiracy theory that the AI is lucky more often.
: By the way, the other day they threw off a confirmation that the AI supposedly knows at which strike the luck will happen.
Maxim (adm): It does not know. There is also a mechanism that if the luck did not occur, the next move is more likely to occur. The bot doesn't even look at it.

PoRoSeNoK147: Does the AI count misses?
Maxim (adm): Yes, counts.

: Does the AI see traps?
Maxim (adm): No.
: No traps, no mines?
Maxim (adm): No. If he had seen, he would have avoided them in general.

: There is a conspiracy theory that, there is a person that sits behind the roulette wheel, he is also an opportunist, who specifically tweaks the result so players lose, or vice versa, some players win.
Maxim (adm)::) there is a roulette archive, you can check everything.
: And the dropouts are really random?
Maxim (adm): What the number generator gave out, it drops out.
Pagan of Dark: Does this number generator have some kind of twist? Many are sure that, for example, 23 will roll out after 32, or within a few spins. We have many fans of this topic in the clan)
Maxim (adm): Well, maybe they figured out the number generator, then only)
: And for new years, numbers are also randomly generated?
Maxim (adm): Of course)
_: The roulette players have their own superstitions!
oOoArchAngeloOo: Advise them to read the book: Fooled by Randomness !

Whats better basic defense or basic erudition talent?

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: #73 Kligan-Dog

Translator: #7490 Bunnie

Today, there will be a small basic article. Lets compare defense talent with defense parameters. Often in various situations we come across the question about which skill is better to take. Sometimes you hear take this, sometimes you hear take that. Why? Because I once tried it. The answer might not be correct always

Lets start with a simple case. Lizard Cavalary(or upgrades) charging you, if the lizards cover more than 5 tiles the defense will always be treated as 0, hence the extra points on the defense will be useless. But, the 10% 20% 30% reduction from the defense talents will still imply and wont be neglected. In such a case obviously the Defense talents will have a lead.

Now we must understand how to compare skills i.e: Basic Defense and Basic Erudition. We will consider throwing the points from Erudition in defense. We wont discuss attack in this article.

Table No.1. Comparison according to level.

Level Basic Defense Basic Erudition
5-7 10% reduction +1 Defense
8-11 10% reduction +2 Defense
12-15 10% reduction +3 Defense
16-19 10% reduction +4 Defense
20-23 10% reduction +5 Defense

If youve heard such a statement that 1 point of defense is equal to 5% reduction then youll say starting from level 12 its better to take basic erudition.

Lets take an example. Combat type- Hunt. A stack of 1000 dryads damage will vary on different opponents depending on their defenses.

Lets consider the values of defense as +5 and +2 from Erudition.

Table No. 2. Stack of 1000 dryads with 2 attack.

Creatures Damage without reduction No addons Basic Defense Erudition(+5 defense) Erudition(+2 defense)
Goblins 35 754.72 679.25 689.66 727.27
Wolf rider 45 634.92 571.43 588.24 615.38
Orcs 55 547,95 493.15 512.82 533.33
Ogres 65 481,93 433.73 454.55 470.59
Rocs 75 430,11 387.10 408.16 421.05
Cyclops 85 388,35 349.51 370.37 380.95
Behemoth 95 353,98 318.58 338.98 347.83

If you dont take any skill, you will take the maximum damage, this is understandable even for a layman.   We will receive less damage with the basic defense skill, and this is common to all the creatures. If we compare the difference in damage in the erudition columns(+5 & +2). Difference on the goblins is 40kish and on behemoths is 10kish.

Hence we can conclude: the greater the difference in the parameters of attack and defense, the less is the damage cut by the parameters of defense.

Now lets move on to the parameters that are found in PvP battles, AG battles, etc. (where there is a hero and the attack and defense parameters do not have a very large gap). We will not take melee skills and other skills into consideration, so as to avoid any confusion.

Attack < Defense

Table number 3. Hit of 200 hobgoblins with an attack 45

Defense of the creature Damage without reduction Basic defense Basic Eru (+5 Def) Basic Eru(+4 Def) Basic Eru(+3 Def) Basic Eru (+2 def)
50 320,00 288,00 266,67 275,86 285,71 296,30
55 266,67 240,00 228,57 235,29 242,42 250,00
60 228,57 205,71 200,00 205,13 210,53 216,22
65 200,00 180,00 177,78 181,82 186,05 190,48
70 177,78 160,00 160,00 163,27 166,67 170,21
75 160,00 144,00 145,45 148,15 150,94 153,85
80 145,45 130,91 133,33 135,59 137,93 140,35

As you can see in this table, everything isnt so simple here. Only when attacking creatures with high defense(T6 or T7), the basic defense talent will absorb more damage. Compared to creatures with a smaller attack or defense gap of +5 +4, erudition will be a better choice. While 2 points in defense is inferior to Basic Defense in all positions.

Now lets take the case where the Attack > Defense.

There are different formulas, hence there was a need for another table

Table No. 4. Stack of 5 archangels with 85 attack.

Defense of the creature Damage without reduction Basic defense Basic eru (+5 def) Basic eru (+4 def) Basic eru (+3 def) Basic eru (+2 def)
50 687,50 618,75 625,00 637,50 650,00 662,50
55 625,00 562,50 562,50 575,00 587,50 600,00
60 562,50 506,25 500,00 512,50 525,00 537,50
65 500,00 450,00 437,50 450,00 462,50 475,00
70 437,50 393,75 375,00 387,50 400,00 412,50
75 375,00 337,50 312,50 325,00 337,50 350,00
80 312,50 281,25 250,00 262,50 275,00 287,50

We see the same picture here, the greater the gap in between Attack and Defense, the more profitable the basic defense skill becomes. While +2 defense parameter is again inferior everywhere.

If you have watched the battles of elves in PvP, they usually have about 70 attack and around 30 defense. With such a huge gap, a defense talent is naturally recommended, which will significantly absorb the damage and allow the elf to live longer. One of the players at level 16 uses defense talents in his battles, since he apparently understands how damage is calculated.

Defense skills: basic defense + advanced defense + skillful defense do not stack according to the rule of the same type of effects and give 30% defense.

But the rule of the same type of effects begins to apply if you wear artifacts that give a reduction in melee damage. Then your 30% (20% or 10% depending on which skill you take) will add up according to the formula.

For example, if you take skillful defense and mithril armor, then instead of 35% you will receive 33.5% damage reduction

So is there a combination of damage in the game where the Basic erudition with +2 defense (at 8-11 levels) will outweigh the Basic Defense?

Sure! This situation can be seen when the enemy is using archers. Here, the parameters will outweigh.

Although it is worth considering the fact that there is a 20% ranged reduction  skill in the defense branch, which can also be taken on occasions.

Ranged damage is a topic for another article. We plan to make more detailed analysis. We will add artifacts, talents, luck, moral etc.

[Figures] April

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Original Article: part 1, part 2

Translation author: Bunnie

1,825,490,040,000,000,000,000 is the maximum damage done in the game! This was done with the help of the ability wild reflexes of Wild Griffins.

155 700 hunts are needed to level up all factions to FSL 12! If you activate Abu Bakir charm, then 140 130 victorious hunts will be needed. Interestingly HG 13 needs only 13,100 points, from which you can get +13 attack and 14,410 skills with the use of ABC. Reaching HG 13 won't even get you even FSL 12!! Currently HG12 has been attained by very few characters: Noldor, #1519 , #276 EVSey, #928 yuri70,#7777 Paradox-x-x, #7777 karlik-leg.

At 0/37 it becomes useless to repair Imperial Artifacts, considering you spent 1kk to get them. PM me if anyone of you reaches 0/37 though))

1 088 852 is the amount for which the first estate in Empire was bought in an uction. These days the starting prices are 3.4kk onwards. Damn, old days were cheap!

155 battles were done by #346 in 42nd ++, to take the bronze medal! This is the highest amount ever reached in any event, despite the fact PvP fights are real. Try try but never cry!)

4 land roads lead their path beyond the Empire. Sadly, they haven't expanded since last 6 years.

206 060 is the amount of the first estate license was sold in the market. It was bought by hero KINGTHEBEST.

37 times in one day the brave lady #17 Reyka_Ya was ambushed by thieves! It happened on 14th April, 2019. Winrate was 100%, all thieves were beaten. Who knew it's so easy to get Ranger Guild Points) the hero ExtME caught her 4 times!

102 000 characters will be written by you, when you reach Laborers' Guild level 10! Type type type, earn earn earn!!!

21 247 817 is the amount of betted in roulette by #2230 Firlia on 1st March 2020! With winnings of 22 072 500 . Lets look at some of the biggest earnings of anniversary days:

3 030 000 was the amount of the clan number #7777 was sold for. Long time ago, the admins put up auctions to sell beautiful and special numbers.

129 179 is the strength of highest wall ever made in history of LWM in a tavern game.

163/163 is the durability of Amulet of Infinity Tolgar got. Earlier the durability of an artifact was determined by the formula *Number of battle^0.46*. I wonder how much would Tolgar sell this artifact for))

12 people visit HWM daily via Internet Explorer every month. Who are you? I guess you are living in a bunker since many years))

Thank you for helping in calculations: #3002 PUFe #5041 omne #249 Glaver

[Numbers] March

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Translation author: #928 Bunnie

1 540 000 gold is needed to pump the the smith guild from 10% to 90% repair efficiency  (Level 8). In case, you receive gold for your services i.e. 30% repair for 20% cost, 60% for 50% etc. Then the total gold taken will be 4 978 000 . Various types of calculations can be found here. Right now 1099 players have max smith guild.

3 characters in the game have no factions: , , 3391970. Their transmission protocols dont contain any registration information. No one knows where they're gone.

4 752 000 can be earned from a single roulette bet on the games anniversary. It is taken into account that the player is level 22, gamblers guild level 20. On a typical day without any multipliers, it is possible to get 1,584,000 gold from roulette. You can track roulette statistics services by omne.

285 times the clan logo of Broken Wings changed in the year 2017. I have no idea how was this determined, well let it be a mystery. =)

7500 spaces are available at the lowest paid sawmill in the empire, this is enough to fit all characters in the game. We decided to ask a few, why they enroll there? We are waiting for the answers, stay tuned.

56 pumpkins appeared on the battlefield on this battlefield in 2011 Halloween . The interesting thing is they could have gotten more, but one of them was bothered by his wife in real life))

810 transfer log pages of our Empire were spammed by ULTRA_XEROX by a youtube track . Leaving a link to the cool track.

49 999 leadership points, if it doesnt cause you a nervous breakdown, then most probably you are Chuck Norris.

3 this is the very first facility ID: Ore pit, under the protection of Empire. Ofcourse she doesnt protects them from survilurgs, but somewhere she she lost the first 2 IDs.

17 310 200 gold is required to declare a clan military clan and build all buildings in it, including a warehouse, but excluding battle glory. If character stats are important to you, then this option is cheaper than buying a UCI for gold (you can still save on builds and warehouse). But somehow you need to accumulate the battle glory to activate them.

14 facilities arent controlled by any Military Clan, they are under direct control of the Empire. They all can be found in Empire Capital.

30 percent is the increase in the size of creatures when you beat them in a hunt.

5033 triumphs of death were used by the Death Proclaimer monster in battle  against Slip_Fox. Earlier there was a bug by which the triumph of death could miss the phantom. Now it has been fixed, this record cant be broken now.

11 types of task are present in Watchers Guild.

45 010 000 fights can be done by the auction mallet. Even after so many years the hammer isnt even rusted by 5%. If we assume that it took 800k by Xaser to enchant the hammer the cost per battle comes out to be 0.029 approximately, this means that 35 battles can be done with just 1 single golden coin! The hammer was the first auction lot in market of our Empire.

124 talents exist in the game. They are divided into 10 branches attack, defense, luck, moral, Erudition, sorcery, nature, chaos, holy, dark. A less rich choice is given to Barbarians and Fury Barbarians 31. The most diverse wheel belongs to classic elves, they have 56 talents to choose from!

160 battles were done by omne, to throw away all his creatures whom he had been collecting since years. This included legendaries, leprechauns, top clan rewards etc. Thanks to this, it became possible to find out that the list of resurrection can hold upto 200 stacks. Dont worry as soon as another stack is resurrected the number becomes 200 again, until all hidden ones get resurrected.

600 seconds is the amount of time the notification of getting a rare artifact in Chest of Abundance remains. After which it disappears.

155 700 FSP is required to pump all the factions to FSL 12. Hats off to the top players.  Algor youre scary!

38 different art sets exist in the game, until now there are no bonuses for the ocean set. Probably the pirates looted them.

1710 mana was taken by Abu-Bakir while testing the 5th school of magic.

16 stacks can be hit at the same strike while using meteor rain. Ugh useless information

1 130 000 was spent by O_Men, whose mouse slipped from the hand and the depository expanded by mistake, I can imagine the swearing to the mouse)

15 characters are required to place the bunny money god in your profile. Dear bunny give us money, dear bunny give us money!


() ()

(* *)

(= =)


This is the bunny money god, place it in your profile and youll be rich forever!
Thank you for helping in calculations  PUFe
You can send your numbers and ideas here -> address.

Interview with .com leaders

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Author: Bunnie

"Leaders are those who always empower others" - Bill Gates

Hello dear .com players, this is not just an article but a bunch of feelings of various clan leaders holding English players together, try to feel the essence and their emotions linked to it.

#7490 European Foreign Legion


What's your name and how old are you?

I have two names Dimitris Ektoras and I am 37 years old.

Since when are you leading your clan?

I am leader since October 2018.

What have been your implementations since then?

I cant think of something specifically, the effort has been on growing the clan and engaging all aspects the game offers.

What leads to eviction from your clan?

Multiple times violation of clan rules will lead to immediate eviction.

After that inactivity will lead to eviction. Participation in events and defenses is taken into account.

What are your opinions on war?

I find clan war battles fun and entertaining.

On the other hand the process of war is very time consuming and trying to balance real life and game obligations is not easy. Also the cost of running it is great and doubtful it can be recouped. In my opinion the whole system of facilities and defenses (ai and pvp) should change.

Anyone you'd like to mention for his exceptional contribution?

I dont want to mention someone specifically, many people have helped the clan. From the simple member that chose to play an event he doesnt like to support the clan, to clan war battles managers that devote a lot of time to it. The recruiters that try to replenish our roster and the donators that help achieve economical independence.

Have you ever thought about forming an alliance with other .com clans?

The reality is that the 3 active com clans (A&D, Immortal dynasty and EFL) do not have the power to act in an alliance.

Are you trying to achieve good ranks in the coming events?

Our intention is always to achieve good rank.

What else is on the list, when it comes to goals?

We put an effort to achieve better results in events. This includes active recruiting, active guidance for event battles and sometimes monetary benefits. Another goal is to increase depository size in order to accommodate our player base needs.

Anything you would like to say to your clanmates?

Thank you all for your efforts and patience.

Anything you would like to say to other clan leaders?

Hard job to do, be patient and good luck.

What do you think a clan really is?

A clan is political structure in a game that has to attract players in order to exist. Clan tries to offer services back to the players like depository, clan bonuses and most importantly a set of goals to achieve.

On the other hand players develop fillings of being part of family and comradeship that makes the game more engaging and entertaining for them.

#1209 Any Key

Lore lay

Questions and answers couldn't express her true feelings for her clan, so she wanted to answer in the form of an essay)

Hey. My name is Tatyana) you dont ask about the age of the girls, but I dont hide it - Im 37 years old, in real life I have a beautiful 16-year-old beautiful daughter who also plays heroes) Ive been in the game since August 2013, already in December 2013 I led my first clan #15 Destiny . In 2017, I was already in the leadership of Any Key as a Deputy. There has always been a cohesive council asset in the clan - players change, but the clan does not stand still. We won one war, we have a stable first place for trophies in the tournament, during that time we were even top-1 in one of the events). In 2018, many players from the com server appeared in our clan. I was very worried about the language barrier, because I myself do not know much English)) but we did not even notice this barrier through the efforts of players on both sides. Yes, I am proud that AK is the only Russian-speaking clan in the Empire in which there are so many guys from the com server. This is a great merit of the former head nipnip. He could make us all together. Clan mailings are in both languages. I keep in touch with everyone, not without Google translator of course, but for solving complex issues I have a wonderful deputy Meshy. Yes, on the board we also have guys from the com server) Meshy, mellor and Nazra). Sometimes we certainly do not understand each other, the truth comes in disputes - but this is a big plus for the clan. Different cultures, different mentality, different vision of situations. When players for some reason leave the clan, of course, I feel it is more difficult to endure the departure of English-speaking guys. They are more active, more purposeful. And yes! They even know how to swear and joke very coolly) - I always thought that you didnt even smile, it was like a myth for me that all Russians only drink vodka and ride bears))

Now our clan is in a global war, which also affected our friends among the English-speaking clans Angels and Demons Ψ and EFL to one degree or another, which is very sad. This gave the asset problems at the events. But we try not to lose heart and in every possible way eliminate this problem. We kick inactive and invite new guys. In the future, a very global cleaning of the composition is planned in order to form and orient the clan to the top-1 events. It is very difficult to part with many, but we accept those who returned from vacation. The clan has certain conditions for admission, first of all it is not less than 9 guild of leaders. The war really damaged the clan, but we are AK, we will not give up) and we will again be one of the best clans of the Empire, only because even the language barrier does not prevent us all from working together for certain goals. You asked me what it feels like to be a leader of one of the best clans? - its very difficult) because I am a woman and not everyone perceives the seriousness of my personal decisions, and Im also a mom in my life who has certain responsibilities) and all this must be combined. Probably for this reason, many in the clan call me Mom)) I have 193 children in the game and for many Im not just a head, but first of all a person who you can turn to for personal advice or just share your problem. I hope that Meshy is also not just a substitute and he also communicates with English-speaking guys just as closely, because he is our indispensable bridge between our shores).

"Would you like to say something to your colleagues?" - yes, of course) do not forget that this is a game, all difficulties are surmountable here, just do not lose your humanity, be open to dialogs)

"What is your key to success?)" - Personally, mine in the manual?) - I'm not a hypocrite and always write the truth, I can go for a long time and lead to the goal, but I will achieve it. And I have a carrot and stick policy) and do not forget that the Clan is your gaming family, players should see that their leader will not leave them in a difficult situation and will fight for a happy existence on the map. Because the Clan is your child, whom you raise with your own hands, your emotions and the guys from the council help me personally in this: Meshy, mellor, Nazra, Angel99 Vitarik, Nyasha-Konyashka, Waitest, Celestica - yes, I have the most courageous advice , some men - but they are simply irreplaceable)

Thank you for your attention to the clan and interesting questions) Have a good game and database and good luck in all battles!)"

() Translator has been used.

#9595 Immortal Dynasty


What's your name and how old are you?

merlin36 - 2009-05-03 19:31: Registered. Faction: Wizard.

Since when have you been handling the leadership?

2020-01-02 17:25: Clan leadership handed over by siddi1111 to merlin36

When was your clan established and what was its purpose?

2016-07-04 17:13: The "Immortal Dynasty" clan has been founded by siddi1111

Clan laid dormant for a while, recently reactivated:

2019-06-23 14:36: basion2 has joined the clan.

Clans purpose was to add to the list of .com clans and add more variety

Is it hard to develop a military clan? What problems are you encountering?

My experience has been that with the right people it is enjoyable to build a new clan. Our biggest problem was probably naivety in the start, which im sure everybody could expect, and we are trying to learn our way still.

What do you do to keep your clanmates active?

Nothing at all, no requirements of activity or taxes on members. Our clan does have the policy that weekly the clan facility income is split between the defence wins to provide members with a bonus, during events possibly up to 1k bonus per win. But i do believe that our member count maybe small but commited, and give their all for each other.

When and how did you capture your first facility?

2019-07-03 21:00: Clan has seized control over Great Wall-S2 with #254 Steel buckler.

How? We saw it had fallen and went for it, lost it the next day. As i said previously, back then we were simply just trying anything to get the battle glory for constructions, a scattergun approach.

How do you recruit new Lords & Ladies?

Our main success has been recruiting returning players that have a similar attitude to us, have plenty of time to help players adjust to game changes :)

What leads to eviction from your clan?

We are yet to find out :P

Can you tell us about your depository?

2019-10-14 22:46: Reserved for clan #9595 // basion2

Growing nicely in these few months, around 15 5x10% weapons at 400-500 and looking to round it out with a few more. Been a great chance to raise the level of all the clan's enchanters.

Is it hard to keep up with the competition, especially with well developed clans that are constantly in top?

Of course there are areas where we are behind and cannot compare to a top clan, but we know our limits and will continue to work away at our own goals

Have you tried to form an alliance or merge with another clan?

Whilst an ally would be great it is not something have actively been looking for, as we do not have much to offer a top clan. Of course in the future this may change and any offers of alliance would be greatly appreciated. If a merge was on our mind within 6 months then we would never have started on this journey :P

Would you like to mention any member from your clan for his exceptional efforts?

We owe a lot to Basion of course (everything), as has been written in the first page of our clan forum, and look forward to his return to activity.

What are the future goals of your clan?

Due to our small size we have the luxury of being able to discuss and vote on our direction, of course our goal is to continue our growth

Anything you'd like to say to your clanmates?

We have a good active discord server that allows us to constantly keep in touch :)

Anything you wanna say to other clan leaders?

Would enjoy getting to know anybody

What do you think a clan really is?

A collection of like minded people fighting for the same cause

#7705 Angels & Demons Ψ

Lord Bogland

What's your name and how old are you?

Hi my name is Lord bogland, boggy or bog to my friends I am somewhere between old enough to vote but not yet retired

Since when are you leading your clan?

I have been in different clan councils for a number of years but leader of A&D since 16th October 2018

What have been your implementations since then?

Mainly updating the reward system for defenses, increasing and improving the arts and enchanted arts we have in our depo

What leads to eviction from your clan?

If you are inactive for a month or 2 you could be evicted, but if you are evicted you can rejoin for free whenever you become active again. I do not evict or tax members for failing to do xx defenses in a month or for not achieving a good enough level in events

What are your opinions on war?

It is a part of the game for sure, but only a part. I try to stay neutral in war as I have friends on both sides and picking one side over the other is not something I want to do. Plus war requires a certain degree of commitment from the entire clan towards the war in the form of playing more actively and being willing to commit resources to it which is not something everyone is willing to do

Anyone you'd like to mention for his exceptional contribution?

A difficult question, if you mean exceptional contribution to A&D, then over the years there have been too many to count, some of whom are no longer in A&D or have left the game. Those in A&D right now I would say all of the clan council but especially Tindios and AzagToth (for their tireless effort to make A&D function and what it is today) but also other players like jahadad, cocoon and Jjuk for their tremendous efforts in defending our facilities (I know they enjoy the type of battle and that the rewards are good, but I do appreciate the effort you guys and others put in).

Have you ever thought about forming an alliance with other .com clans?

As I said earlier, with the war ongoing and wanting to stay neutral I would not consider making a military alliance with another clan, however we certainly have friendship alliances with other clans, including .com clans

Are you trying to achieve good ranks in the coming events?

We are not trying to achieve a high ranking in the current event, maybe in future events, who knows

What else is on the list, when it comes to goals?

I guess the list would be similar to all clans and include recruit active players, increase the number of facilities we have

Anything you would like to say to your clanmates?

A clan is really only the clan members, the more you guys put into the clan the bigger and better the clan will get and grow. Thank you all for your support and your efforts in defenses and events it is all appreciated

Anything you would like to say to other clan leaders?

I wish them all the best and good luck in their endeavours

What do you think a clan really is?

I think it is like a family - different members may have different goals of targets in the game, they may be able to play the game sometimes more often, sometimes less often (real life comes first) and there may be disagreements from time to time but we all want A&D to succeed and we all come together in times of need and even if you leave you are still family and always welcome back

Thank you clan leaders for such amazing answers! We are sure it will help the whole community and respective clan members to understand their clan and their goals more!

Thank you!

Stay tuned for more exciting articles!

[Contests] Merry Christmas and happy new year!

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Author: #302 Meshy

Merry Christmas and happy new year!

These are the words that ring through every tavern across the land. Hundreds of litres of rum and ales have been drunk to these words, thousands of heroes across the land singing these words from the Northern point of the Peaceful Camp, all the way down to the Kingdom Castle.

It is truly a magical time of year, where little children make a wish upon a star and a magic man delivers presents. This year, we will celebrate this magic with together at HWM daily with another competition. The competition will run from 3rd January 2020 to 7th January 2020, Meshy will put on his best wig and pretend to be the sphynx and run this mini-competition! The rules of the competition are simple, a series of questions will be proposed and you can choose to answer them in the general topic thread, or on the hwm daily page itself. The best answers will win an all powerful candy!

1. Show us your best, outfit that uses as many colours as possible!
(You may provide a screenshot link or upload the picture to your profile).

2. Back up this statement, Dwarves are better looking than Elves and Dark Elves

3. Using the list of abilities here, combine 5 abilities to make the most useless combination for a troop and dont forget to give it a name!

4. Write a love poem to the Empire

Figures of the week / 2 of December

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Translation author: #928 Bunnie

1250 days are required to attain Watchers Guild level 7 without taking into account any additional bonuses. This includes 500 days to reach WG5, and then considering 4 tasks per day, another 750 days will be needed for WG7. Currently, more than 300 heroes have WG7

4 000 friends can be added in your friend list.

12 gold is the lowest possible salary in the Empire,  taking into account to workaholic penalty. This amount can be possibly achieved at a sawmill in the Empire Capital . The most interesting thing is that people actually enroll there ! In case you are fined 2 million , then it will take you only 19 years to get out of the penalty even if you enroll every hour)

3794 gold is the maximum gold rewarded so far for a solo hunt to karlik-leg . Heroes have managed to get 4882 in hunt for single character, due to the fact that one played support and didnt hit the enemy. This was demonstrated by #8048 Stealth and #8212 - . The maximum record of 5286 in a hunt belongs to and Raysky .

286 facilities in the Empire have a wage higher than 200 . Still, there is always a problem finding one.

432 tiles are there in 4×4 format battlefield. Horizontally its the same as a duel, but vertically it differs. In duels there are 20 tiles available for settlement, whilst only 18 in 4×4.

13 hamsters were present in the quick 3×3 tournaments, which were held against bots. Defeating so many hamsters would mean a reward of 1,300,000 . But in quick tournaments,  they didnt give away the bounty))

108 minutes were spent by Yuri Gagarin in space. He was able to fly around the Earth at an altitude of 302 kilometer at a speed of ~28,000 kilometer per hour. For us, this is like one defense battle.

Original article

You can offer your interesting figures and facts, nd get gold for it)

ollectors rare artifacts

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Translation author: #928 Bunnie

the true collectors only home is his own museum.
― Orhan Pamuk, The Museum of Innocence

The world is full of umpteen hobbies that each of us devotes our time too. From this myriad list, many are a part of our beautiful and glorious Empire. Today we are going to talk about such an ancient addiction Collecting

Restaurant "In the arse of the Dragon"

Interview with "Fair Play"

Greetings! Why did you chose to collect artifacts?

-Hello , just when I joined the game, my young and green necromancer fell for the roulette and lost 108k , it apparently hurt his hollow skull)) It was a beginning to bring an end to the measured existence of the necromancer, and I planned something big: I left Laborers Guild and didnt enroll anymore , became a God-defying huckster and what is most terrible contacted the elves. I was always attracted by old artifacts they have a special charm: they are lovingly delineated and have a wonderful literary description of the bygone wars at the dawn of the Empire. And all this splendor just for the sake of several tens of artifacts that will never be repeated, only until the admins bother! )

So when I began to notice that spending all the income in battles and local taverns wasnt going out well , the choice was very obvious ―Roulette!

Okay, I wont fool you, not roulette and then I started collecting antiques since my very first months in the life of the LWM.

What was the first artifact in the collection?

The very first was Order Of Valor 4 degree , but it was sold pretty soon . The fanatic demonic trade captivated victims in the name of capital turnovers. Despite the temptations to sell in the market the order is still with me: the order of Valor 1 degree. In Empire we trust, as they say)

The artifacts werent received personally from the Empire , then where did the funds to buy them came from?

I bought and exchanged several rarities . The Empire didnt prove to help , I wasnt able to be a part of any war. Where did the money came from , I do not need to repeat myself . But you know, in addition to being a luxury that personally gives me true aesthetic pleasure, it is also the best means of saving. Well, its like gold but gold is not interesting, its total mass in the game is constantly growing, and therefore, your tiny handful amount occupies an invisible share in it and it seems like inflation eats up everything. Investing in military artifacts is even sadder they all become obsolete and depreciate, the arms race is so arranged in the game, so that in the real world. How many tanks arent rivet, and in twenty years they will all inevitably turn into scrap metal, its better to spend money on something necessary and useful)

Well, true rarities are not tied to their stats or future cool sets. They were issued from a few pieces to a maximum of a couple of hundred, and the more the amount of gold in the game, the more expensive they will be. One drawback the offer is extremely limited and in any case its not enough for everyone.

Are there any things in the collection with an interesting story?

For me, each exhibit is unique because it is associated with a long search, persuasion and, finally a purchase! There are some noteworthy exhibits due to some reasons for example, a medal of courage of the 3rd degree is the only medal in the game available from level 1. A 50/50 memory ring with autographs of iconic figures in the ancient world of LWM, some of which have gone into another world (real, I hope). Or there is a ring of inspiration with a strength of 50 a one-time payment was issued , including a few for winning the PvP tournament many years ago!

But I want to stop near the most unremarkable outward exhibit. Yes, yes, it might not seem to you, this is the usual thiefs armor, no ones autograph is scratched on it. It is just some kind of strange strength 59/59. It is so wonderful and who repaired it so magnificently? Ill leave this riddle for readers, because I have an extra abrasive lying on the characters wall, which infuriates me I will throw it insolently, whoever will be the first one to guess.

What is the most desirable exhibit for players in LWM and for you personally?

For me the most valuable exhibit is the Order of Valor 6 degrees 59/60, but the Empire still does not wants to sell it for a million or two. Although every year I make a wish to the Santa Claus, But the ones that carried out or comes true are please sign an artifact, give me some money, invite me to the clan. Collecting it is a long process, I will still continue to believe and wait for a new Santa. Maybe someone needs to bring a money system to the Daily, dont you think so?))

From what happens in the lore, I personally consider The Medal of Defenders 1 and 2 degree the most valuable . There are the things that I dont have yet but this is a matter of time and limited amount of yellow metal, even for one of my Defender Medal , I would not have exchanged it)

Other collectors, judging from the offers in my personal mail, mostly desire the 50/50 memory rings, the defender medals, and the medals from the Tiger Lake campaign . They really look amazing))

The incomplete strength of the rarities depreciates its price , what are your views on it?

The exhibit price is determined from the rarity and not the strength) If there were a dozen or two of them in the game, old orders of 1-2 degrees), then collectors will be happy to buy even with completely dead strength. If a few hundred Well, they will try to take a virgin strength , all other things are equal only , just + 30-50% to the price. If more than a thousand well, I dont know, this is just like collecting Sword of Mights in my opinion :) Maybe its a little exaggerated) Although, I must admit, people do have a certain love exceptionally high durability virgin exhibits.

Now, if suddenly the reader accidentally ran up a rarity with a strength of type 0/maximum, and after reading this article, the thoughts come in mind now Ill fix it and put it on the market and get rich) please dont fix it. Probably, after repair it will cost less than what it was before due to the high repair fees. It will be better to send me a PM or make a forum post :)

Have you ever collected in real life?

Right now I like to buy paintings and antiques, but I would not call it as my collections these thing just bring joy, calm and comfort to me. I started collecting since my school days , I was fond of collecting beer caps the feeling is so immense that it cant be described in words! I also used to collect foreign coins of early 20th century.

Collecting is a school of will, a reflex of purpose, which is of vital importance, said by Russian and Soviet scientist I.P. Pavlov. Do you agree with that?

I am sure that in the words of the remarkable Soviet physiologist there is a hidden deeper meaning , which is inaccessible for a simple lay man.

For me, collecting is just another way to get pleasant emotions, I do not feel I have any vital skills or reflexes within me, my inner potential hasnt come out yet. Maybe Im doing something wrong :)

What advice can you give to players who want to start their collection?

First of all, try to enjoy the process: if you love the business, it will undoubtedly pay itself. If youre still unsure, just decide what you want to collect and how much you are ready to spend on this craze.

I will give 3 main options for all types of trades, with pros and cons (without touching the aesthetic side, here every option has its own beauty):

1. Ancient artifacts (issued in the first months of the game and in small quantities: orders of 1-3 degrees, wolf skins, memory rings, etc). PRO the price is always rising, so even if after a while you decide to get rid of the collection, you will get a good profit in local currency. CON it is insanely difficult to find, it is almost impossible to finish the entire collection, and youll need gold, a lot of gold!

2. Simpler Ancient artifacts: orders of 4-6 degrees, flame robes, etc. PRO: They are a little easier to find, the price is not so high, you can collect only the whole. CONS in comparison to the first option the growth rate of their price is a little snail, they are more difficult to sell. However, with due persistence, youll earn profits.

3. Collect anything except the ones mentioned in (1) or (2) (for example, award artifacts with special durability, autographs of special people , yes, any of your imagination). You can start with any amount in your account! Once started, be prepared that the collection might be with you forever. That is, if you are the only one who collects such things, it will be possible to sell in case of need but only with a big loss, there are no questions of any investments.

As conclusion, Ill add that no matter which option you choose, its worth it. After all, collecting is a passion, which means there is a chance that it will also spread to the other side of the screen, adding pleasant moments to your life. I wish everyone good good and good mood)!

Some more interesting collections


Owner: Beliar



Native Spring

Stipa Steppe

Owner: _germ_





 Owner :[13]

Original article

[Figures of the week] 1st of December

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Translation author: #928 Bunnie

8 former guardians of #2073 HWM are blocked right now. Needless to say , 3 of them chose BOW , and 5 got a little naughty ,,DemiGodAntares, , kvantt. The statistics are very pleasing , but its unknown till date how many former and current Moderators have got banned). Its not a bad opportunity to venture the east island, but along the way, beware of the pirates))

500 diamonds were the launch price of getting an UCI in the game. Later, the price rose to 1000 diamonds , and for a long time remained on this bar. But during 2017s summer, the price soared high like an eagle to 1500! But this didnt stop the artist orders , in October 2017 the price was set back to 1000 diamonds (must have hurt those who ordered for 1500 , especially the last person who ordered the UCI for 1500 kolev. ). After lot of assessment a mid value was chosen this year i.e 1250 diamonds. Youll need 18,750,000 gold to buy UCI from gold. Start saving!)

48 000 words have been typed by you on the keyboard if you have reached LG 8 without bonus days and ABC. But this has been calculated without taking into account the incorrect codes written by us at times. Thanks to Laborers Guild many have learnt English Keyboard layout.

50 000 000 gold lies in the balance of the clan #903 , but the owner Michael_Lion was blocked for being naughty))

15 letters: this is the usual maximum length of a nickname. Minimum: 3


On Registration , the game offers to create a nickname of length 3 to 18 letters long. However, the game has a lot of character that do not fit in this framework




-Lord- Lord Darkness

6 letters are there in the name Empire , do you think this is useful information? Read on.

2 times the damage on spells if hero takes the talent Sorcerers luck, useless information but can be impactful for the high levels

10 843 320 is the amount of gold it costs to purchase all the buildings in castle for all the factions , without diamond investment and setting resources at a price of 180/360. This information was helpful in making of the Castle construction cost calculator by #14 raTaHoa.

Original article

You can offer your interesting figures and facts, and get gold for it)

Figures of the week / Pilot relese

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Translation author: #928 Bunnie

224,034 votes made LWM receive the Runet Award in the year 2009. It is worth noting that the total number of votes were much larger and and our game lost 70% of the total number due to the fact that the players on the forum called to vote for the game, and this violated the rules of the voting ("Forbidden: to spam with vote calls for the project-participant of the popular vote").

396 laborer guild points could be achieved by Randy Gardner, who set a world record for the longest time a human has gone without sleep: 11 days/ 264 hours and 30 minutes , just imagine if he bought an Abu Bakir Charm and enrolled every hour.

100 invitations have been sent so far to join the clan HWM . At the moment there are 10 active caretakers in it , but a couple hasnt visited it since a long time. Recruitment is currently closed , but there are some eyewitnesses who say that this is happening. However , it is easier to get to the other clans. But how? Eyewitnesses keep quiet))

28 estates have been acquired by #18Noldor [22] and .The first earned honestly earned them by leasing and all that stuff , and used it just for storing artifacts and the second worked hard for it. Well , we are all trying to build our own estates piece by piece  , collecting certificates in AG or buying up cheap ones from the market.

1197 damage points were inflicted by the spell Armageddon in this battle. The spell belongs to Magic Guild level 5 and was tested in the war against Wizards. It was left behind in 2008 , someday it might come back. Who knows) 

50 000 gold , its the amount of gold a player can legally go into minus by creating a 50,000 wage in the tavern and spending the gold before the game starts. If you see this , make sure to create a forum.

30 attempts were made by the character #575614 [10] to join the Rangers Guild and nevertheless he cleared the 31st!. Within a few months he scored 29 victories and decided to join the Thieves.

426 VK users have been blacklisted by the official LWM group when theyre trying to buy/sell/beg for characters and passwords.

1 single participant in the Survival Tournament. Yes , one. The 272th Survival Tournament for level 14 saw such a scenario for the tribals. This should be enough to motivate us to play tournaments and get free rewards)

1 200 000 is the amount gold it takes to buy the 80 diamonds , required to join the Thiefs Guild from the diamond repository . If you do this make sure to record your actions (we will rollback 5k gold)) =)

Original article

You can offer your interesting figures and facts, and get gold for it)